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INVITATION: Westminster Events Feature Liberal Visioners – in person!

June 2nd, 2010 Posted in Liberal Democrats, Policy, UK Politics by

clockwork_orange_fightStarting this week, a series of debates in Westminster will focus around the issue of:


Remember that? I do, just about. I rather liked it, too, and am hoping to see its return.

Two Liberal Vision spokespeople will be panelists on two of these debates, and more importantly…

(as that fella off Clockwork Orange said to the two women in the record store before he … well, yes, you know, you’ve seen it.)

Anyway – please come along. Note: the events include wine.

I repeat: the events include wine.

You can bring friends, too. Just contact the organisers and say that you want to attend:

E-mail or telephone 01223 370156

Full details of all the debates are here:

This Thursday Liberal Vision’s Tim Cox will be speaking on: THE FREEDOM (GREAT REPEAL) BILL, Laws that should be reformed/amended.

Then on 29th June, I will be speaking on: WHO HOLDS THE LIBERAL TORCH IN 2010? Libertarians, Lib Dems or the “liberal elite”?

What an enticing question, eh?

Other speakers throughout the debates include:

Guy Herbert of NO2ID
Iain Dale (of Iain Dale)
Philip Davies MP of the Conservative Party
Philip Johnston of the Daily Telegraph


Be there then.

3 Responses to “INVITATION: Westminster Events Feature Liberal Visioners – in person!”

  1. Dave Atherton Says:

    I hope your new mobile is working Julian :)

    I look forward to seeing you at 6.00 pm sharp, it is going to be a great debate season.

  2. Meagan Mexicano Says:

    This postisn’t actually showing up for me, I tried to message you. Could you get back to me about this.

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