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Labour MP Stephen Pound faces homophobic heckling claims

May 17th, 2010 Posted in UK Politics by

poundLast weekend I ambled somewhat indifferently to the Wengerdome to see the Arsenal v Fulham.  While the last game of the season is a nice one to attend – one can bid one’s side’s young players farewell for the summer – on this occasional it was essentially a nothing-game. Arsenal needed only a draw to guarantee a top 3 finish, and Fulham needed nothing. All a bit boring.

Not so it seems for Labour MP Stephen Pound who (unlike yours truly, owner of the cheapest variety of season ticket) was located amid the prawn sandwich section in a £35,000 a year executive box.

How the other half live, what what?

So animated was Mr Pound that he was reprimanded by a steward for using loud, abusive language and making obscene gestures. But worse, if to be believed, are allegations that he was shouting homophobic abuse at Arsenal defender Sol Campbell.

Not good, not good.

The website has more.

7 Responses to “Labour MP Stephen Pound faces homophobic heckling claims”

  1. Callum Says:

    I’m intrigued about the reference to the “coffee bean gesture” (which, given the circumstances, I am afraid sounds pretty suspect on its own, doesn’t it?). Is Steve Pound referring to a Nescafe Handshake?

  2. Julian Harris Says:

    A most pertinent observation, Callum. At first I was concerned that this could be some kind of slur against coffee growers of the world, but then decided that it was more likely a reference to “knocking one out” (not in the Duncan Fergusson sense).

  3. Dave Atherton Says:

    When I was playing the more abuse the better. Find out where the heckling is coming from, give them a wave, save your best block tackle for the centre forward and bow in front of them, that normally sends them into apoplexy. Repeat for 90 minutes ideally.

    Apparently Pound was guilty possibly of referring to Sol Campbell as a “fairy.” If a player called me that or worse, in America it was “faggot” they would be picking the studs out of their shins for the rest of the season.

    The more abuse I got the more it motivated me.

  4. Ziggy Says:

    Any time I hear Pound in the media he always seems an okay bloke

    I know he’s a Bill Hicks fan which goes along way with me

    However I do know he’s a Roman Catholic & well we know they ain’t keen on homosexuality unless thery’re a priest & they’re young boys about.

  5. M Evans Says:

    Probably being staggeringly naieve here – but is calling someone a “fairy”, really that offensive/homophobic? No doubt I’m missing some blindingly obvious link, but it doesn’t seem much more than a “big girl’s blouse”, “soft lad” type insult.

  6. Ziggy Says:

    I’ve always maintained offense is subjective

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