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David Laws gets Education in cabinet

May 11th, 2010 Posted in Election, Liberal Democrats by

ok it’s still not confirmed – but source is quite good… Also heard that Danny Alexander to get Scotland . well which Tory would YOU put in the post?… and from another source Nick IS deputy prime minister…. A less committed source suggests Huhne might get Home Affairs – though that would be a huge leap of faith from the Tories. But who knows….

7 Responses to “David Laws gets Education in cabinet”

  1. Ross Says:

    If this is the case then good on Michael Gove and others for standing aside for Lib Dem MPs. I’m sure the likes of Gove will be okay but even so…

  2. Richard Says:

    Let us hope Laws does not scupper Gove’s education policy. I have read that he favours allowing LEAs to block the formation of new schools. I hope this is either untrue or the Tories ensure this does not occur.

  3. Dan Says:

    Oh god – let’s just see how many ways the party splits now.

  4. Psi Says:

    @ Dan

    Don’t be too quick to assume that, I think there will be a few who throw their toys out of the pram (ex-labour types) but they were never going to be possible to hold on to long term if we were ever going to actually get policies implemented.

  5. Dan Says:

    Thanks for the patronisation PSI – I loathe Labour and see them as a block to a real radical reform (and have never been an ‘ex-labour type’) – but this is probably the death of urban liberalism – which is pretty weak after last Thursday.

  6. Charlie Says:

    The Industrial Revolution was largely a result of the Non-Conformists which who largely formed the Liberal Party. It was the moderm technical education developed by the Non Conformists which enabled the Industrial revolution to occur.

    Now it is the time for David Laws to create the technical education which will increase the size of our industrial base wich can revitalise the run down parts of the UK and thus help us compete with Germany , Japan and newly industrialised nations. By ensuring people have the education and technicals to hold down jobs in high value manufacturing, it will enable people to gain a sense of self worth and improve our economic situation. Labour has failed those employed by industry since 1945 by failing to ensure people have the skills to be employed in the ever more technically advanced industrial occupations. The unions , two thirds of which were unsklled and semi-skilled combined with the Labour Party have been luddites in the face of of the advances of technology. Apparently , labour costs in Greece are higher than in Germany .

    The Conservatives and LDs should ensure the UK has the best trained industrial workforce in the World in order to design ,build and operate the low carbon technology of the future.

    By ensuring people from all ethnic backgrounds can work together in jobs which provide self worth , I am sure racial tensions will subside. I think it may be the closures of factories in Lancashire and Yorkshire which means people of different racial backgrounds no longer work together has led to the rise of conflicts.

    Let us copy any country’s technical education and training schemes if it improves ours.

    Labour has taken money from our wealth creating base to create a client base dependent upon the state . The result is that social mobility has declined . Napoleon said ” In every soldier’s knap sack there is a field marshall’s baton”. Let every child know they have the opportunity to become the engineer and scientist of tomorrow, after all Britain achieved that in the 18 and 19 centuries and we started the Industrial Revolution.

  7. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Dan – my sense is that within the Lib Dems, liberals won / held their seats… centre left faired less well. In due course I will crunch the numbers but I don’t think liberalism is dead… I think it is waking up..