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Lib Dem flashmobs – the last chance for Lib Dems to regain election momentum?

May 1st, 2010 Posted in Election, UK Politics by

I read on LDVthat a whole series of Lib Dem flashmobs are being held all over the UK for Monday Bank holiday (mostly around 3pm) – organised not by the Cowley Street or those clever party strategists – but by those brilliant RATM people.

To be honest, I struggled about whether I should comment on these flashmobs. I actually chatted to a couple of other LV bloggers before posting (something I NEVER do) such was my concern. Because the BRILLIANT thing about the RATM stuff is that it is so very independent – so totally “outside” the mainstream. I have been following it on Facebook for a while – as i am sure many have- …and its been fascinating and brilliant – but should we mention it ???? big dilema…because it, well, somehow sullied it.  But hey the cat is out of the bag as it were…. so here goes…. 

Yo can go to Facebook to get the details and pick up on the discussion threads. It’s simply brilliant reading…(I have listed the main flashmobs below btw).

The planned events are the idea of spontaneous, mad, sleep-deprived individuals using the social network groups to get the word out and create one, then two then half a dozen flashmobs up and down the country. No spin doctors, PR specialists or strategists in sight….

…DIRECT ACTION at its best ?

 How successful will they be? Have to wait and see. Will it get media attention? have to wait and see. Will it make a difference? Have to wait and see. What it does look like is another example of how UK General Elections are changing….

….And how the “high command party strategists” are losing swathes of control of their parties plans with every day that passes in this election  (just look at how they have had to chop and change their message and tactics after every TV debate). The tweeters delivering their verdicts long before the newspapers ever could. And those newspapers (such a useful tool to the party strategists in elections of old) looking increasingly irrelevant, tired, mouthpieces of their masters. Will these flashmobs be one more example of strategists running to catch up? I guess that does depend on just how successful the they are.

But here is the plea to Lib Dem high command….

If you have not done this already, then now…right now… make sure that every single broadcaster, newspaper editor and picture desk from UK media AND international media has the details of where and when they are taking place. Not an official email – its not your gig – but a few calls around a few mates could work wonders…..

Here is a plea to local party organisers

If you are close to one of the flashmobs then send your boys and girls to Trafalgar Square and encourage them to take their mates, mums and dads… Which is really more effective? A few more focus leaflets shoved through peoples doors – convert one more voter on the high street – or national and international TV beaming out pictures of thousands and thousands of people congregating in squares up and down the country to show their unified demand for a real change to our politics for ever?  ITs a no brainer sa far as I am concerned..

And Nick…

Go on Nick… do something different.. brave… out there… a bit ooh a bit aah…. Why not see if you can get yourself along to one of them?  You know you want to…

Here’s the info on where they are at…..

LONDON Flashmob:


GLASGOW Flashmob:


DERBY Flashmob:

BRISTOL Flashmob:


More of these things cropping up all the time. Spotted couple of new ones listed (see below….  ). I just love the madness of this.  


Truro, Cornwall:


22 Responses to “Lib Dem flashmobs – the last chance for Lib Dems to regain election momentum?”

  1. Parthiban Says:

    Thank you for mentioning us – we really needed the boost

  2. Donald Says:

    Also these smaller flashmobs (Some of the non-London ones) are great for local organisers to get some volunteers or get names of people who are willing to come out for issue campaigning.

    Get a clipboard and get asking people if they’d like to help deliver or leaflet today, or the day after. Offer to give them a ring beforehand.

    What you have here are a group of people who are energised and excited by the party, not all of them will want to stuff envelopes or deliver, but they may want to know about the next time you want some feet on the ground to make a scene.

  3. Donald Says:

    Just read a thoughtful comment on the group 😀

    Literally turning up with a clipboard and standing there might be a bit harsh and make it look like it was orchestrated when the idea is that people organised themselves. Crashing it really when the idea is that people themselves are expressing their voice, not the party sitting there and making it happen.

    So participate if you’re going to participate properly.

    Message a moderator in each group to get their info so they can mention people to volunteer afterwards.

    I had my organiser hat on.

  4. Parthiban Says:

    also one of our people set up an event for birmingham its also at three pm on the third!/event.php?eid=123021144379287

  5. Vicky Says:

    Donald! Thanks for that last comment ((((hugs)))) Could you nip over to Lib Dem Voice and make a similar point? :-)

    Thanks Angela for this blog post by the way — if anyone at all wants to join in with a flashmob it doesn’t matter how they heard about it AND that’ll be great, so long as they do it properly! :-)

    Now… do any of you Tweet?

  6. Lene Smith Says:

    Hi thank you for mentioning us. I’m helping put together the Manchester one. Just made friends with my Salford Mp. Making lots of Liberal friends lol!

  7. Parthiban Says:

    oh and someone is setting one up for cardiff now

  8. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Vicky I will be at the Trafalgar Square one and am trying to get as many mates a long as possible….I HAVE called my mates in the media and I have emailed a few picture desks I know. I am also sure that Sara will be TWEETING….

  9. Parthiban Says:

    also one more event that has just been set up for Truro

  10. Bethany Says:

    Hi Angela, Thanks for your faith in us, we are trying to do something meaningful and exciting and not everyone has had your vision in supporting us! One of the most exciting things about this already has been seeing the flashmobs take off up and down the country and hearing people’s great excitement about going out their and demonstrating their enthusiasm for the Lib Dems :-) It is important to keep our spirits up and find ways to tap into this new energy. Remember all, 49%!
    Bethany (Newcastle admin)

  11. Angela Harbutt Says:

    I will be in Trafalgar Square – good luck in Newcastle !

  12. Lene Smith Says:

    thank you Angela. I’m nervous as hell about the Manchester one i’m putting together. just e-mailed my local press i’ve left out the main papers as i feel they aren’t liberal. This is an artist political statement. Its cheesy to say this but i feel this is the voice of the people!Not the voice of the main stream press. I love this its going to be great as a visual statement. I’m a fine artist.

  13. Darren Says:

    They’re all at least 2 hrs from me; screw that. When will you wake up and realise the rest of the country exists?

  14. Vicky Says:

    Darren these aren’t organised BY the libdems they’re organised by grassroots supporters who are doing it out of love and a will to show their support for the libdems — the flashmobs have been popping up all over the country as people decide to organise them. Most of then have been organised by someone who has realised there isn’t one near them and thought ‘ok, I’ll do one’ — there were new ones popping up as later as 8pm and after tonight. Where are you? There are now at least 10 locations!

  15. Vicky Says:

    Current list to the best of my knowledge:

    NEWCASTLE Flashmob:

    LONDON Flashmob:

    TRURO Flashmob:

    CAMBRIDGE Flashmob:

    MANCHESTER Flashmob:

    CARDIFF Flashmob:

    BIRMINGHAM Flashmob:

    GLASGOW Flashmob:

    DERBY Flashmob:

    BRISTOL Flashmob:

  16. nahummer Says:

    Way to go guys! Grassroots is the only way to make any structural vibrations. Wish I could make it out to one, too far away, only have the power of the keyboard.

  17. Vicky Says:

    Nathummer please use the power of your keyboard to Tweet and share on FB about our Flashmobs — we can still get even more to attend! Thanks for your support! :-)

  18. Jon Says:

    Could we get the details out here instead of behind the Facebook Wall? I’ll start:



    Queen Street, near Capitol Shopping Centre, outside GAME.

  19. Vicky Says:



    GREY’S MONUMENT — wear yellow but cover it up. When I tear of coat and start yelling “I agree with Nick” — do the same!!

    (Earlybirds meet OLD ELDON SQUARE 2.30-2.45 ish, heading up to the Monument just before 3pm!)

    Yellow T shirts (mens/unisex upstairs /women’s downstairs) £2 Primark!!

  20. Angela Harbutt Says:

    London Flashmob just got a mention on Daily Politics Show….

  21. Lene Smith Says:

    Got my flash mob gear long green t-shirt and a baggy yellow top for over the top. lib dem colours. Painted i agree with Nick on it! Going to set off soon to Manchester. I’m so nervous! Good luck everyone keep it clean guys.

  22. Vicky Says:

    :-) Had awesome fun today — we did TWO flashmobs in Newcastle, one at the Monument, one on Northumberland Street! :-)