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Love not the Hate party…

April 30th, 2010 Posted in Culture by

If you’re not as big a fan of Marmite as I am you may not have noticed the truly inspired advertising campaign they’re currently running. It centres around the phoney “Marmite election” and there are some complete gems on their Youtube Channel. This spoof of the ‘Hate Party PEB’ struck a particular chord with me, however,  as it completely sums up the bigotted narrative of authoritarians everywhere. You could substitute Marmite for practically any vice and it’d work. Take a peak:

Love Marmite, love liberty!

2 Responses to “Love not the Hate party…”

  1. David Chiverton Says:

    Sorry, but there really are limits to freedom! Marmite is the devil’s work.

  2. Angela Harbutt Says:

    i was so thinking along exact same lines as you Sara.and i am a marmite lover…