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Geek the Vote!

April 21st, 2010 Posted in Election, Liberal Democrats, Policy by

Love, love love this website.

7 Responses to “Geek the Vote!”

  1. thegeek Says:

    Sara – thanks for the love!

    Remember, if you want to support the campaign you can also become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and submit content to the Geek the Vote Tumblr blog.

    Can you send us a photo of yourself in your best geek attire holding a Geek the Vote sign?

    All the best,

  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Hi Mr. Geek,

    I can possibly get you a picture with me holding the Geek the Vote sign but I’m currently on holiday so it may have to wait until later. You may be aware of some volcano induced nonsense that has impeded my travel plans…

    Kind regards,

  3. You Want A Geek... Says:

    I wrote my first computer program on a Challenger 1P, then completed it on a ZX80 (pounding out the basic on that doormat keypad, using LINE NUMBERS FFS) because it had better graphics! I remember thinking the VIC20 with its plug-in cartridges was freaking awesome! I saw Tornado and Starlord get cannibalised by 2000AD. I sat through 3D the FIRST time around when you only knew it was happening because actor’s inexplicably poked objects at the screen to get the most out of it. I bought the boxed set of basic D&D and even walked solo Beyond the Silvered Pane with T&T. I defeated four armies of beserkers to complete the original Bards Tale. I have been a professional game designer for two decades, as well as a programmer, gamer, comic collector, internet cafe owner, occasional writer of articles for games magazines, comic shop owner and roleplayer. They don’t come geekier than me.

    I wouldn’t vote for the Lib Dem hivemind if I was Kamandi the Last Boy On Earth, standing before the gates of Mordor while Strontium Dog jammed a Mk3 Laser Cannon into my neck and said: “Do it sucker, do it now.”

    Geek the vote? Don’t make me laugh. We have brains. Go try your Jedi mind tricks on somebody else. This ain’t the geek you’re looking for. I’m a Conservative because I don’t want anything to do with your socialist subtext. I’ll fight the Digital Economy Bill, sure. But not under a yellow banner. Not ever.

  4. Julian Harris Says:

    Is this one accusing us of peddling socialism?

    Good Lord!

  5. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Not only is he accusing us of possessing a ‘socialist subtext’ (proper geeks usually know how to use the internet and yet this one’s ended up on the wrong site) he is accusing us of using nefarious means to extol them (!)

    Were I an actual Jedi I would be using my mind tricks to seduce Formula 1 drivers and other such beautiful men. I wouldn’t waste my time with politics, I can tell you that for nothing…

  6. Julian H Says:

    F1 drivers? You do know they’re all midgets?

  7. David Says:

    The Liberal Democrats aren’t liberal they’re not anything. The have no spine. They didn’t just put no student tuition fees in their manifesto they all sign a pledge to vote against them whilst behind closed doors they planned to not even fight for them if a coalition was on the cards.

    They’re not liberal, they appear to have ditched their legalise cannabis policy. In Scotland whilst in government they criminalised prostitution further – a real liberal party would have campaigned for legalisation.

    They should be called the Limp Dicks; because they’ve no back bone and are about as useful as a penis that can’t get hard, they don’t do anything put piss all over people.

    The LimpDicks are illiberal spineless opportunists, and nothing more.