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Mystery YouGov poll looks for Nick Clegg’s weaknesses

April 19th, 2010 Posted in Election, UK Politics by

“GET ME SOME FOCUS GROUP RESEARCH (to tell me what to say next)”…

…That’s about the size of it.  Never mind about worrying about your own message. Or stating from the heart where you have fundamental disagreements with Liberal policy. I could understand – and respect – that.

But no. It’s being reported widely on the web and now on the BBC that some party is now conducting a survey of voters to establish the best lines of attack on the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. That’s just poor. That’s lacking the courage of your own conviction. That’s being LED – rather than leading. That’s what has been wrong with politics in this country for the past two decades.

Spin-doctors, PR consultants, research organisations and newspaper editors determining political policy.

No wonder people want change.

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