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April 16th, 2010 Posted in UK Politics by

Word breaks that a new ComRes poll is showing the following voting intention:

  • Dave Nu Lite Conservatives – 36%

  • Super Clegg’s Lib Dems – 35%

  • Gordo’s OldNuLab – 24%

Before you start running off to your constituencies and preparing for government, note that the poll was taken, I believe, only from people who watched the TV debate.

I’ll update and add links as and when they become available.

ConsHome are reporting it here.

Guido is reporting it here.


David Cowling, editor of the BBC’s Political Research Unit, has been examining that ITV/ComRes poll. He says: “This was not a voting intention poll but a panel of people who watched the debate and then gave their voting intentions afterwards. This is not a national random sample of the population – some 46 million people – but a sample of the nine million who watched the debate and we have no certainty that the sample even speak representatively for them.”

Also, Sky News report that the poll numbers are “still being finalised”.

7 Responses to “NEW POLL – LIB DEMS ON 35 PER CENT!”

  1. Bernard Salmon Says:

    Given there were 27 million votes cast last time and around 9.5 million people watching the debate last night, if that’s reflected nationally, we could be looking at a 5 point poll boost for the party.

  2. Ian R Thorpe Says:

    Good debate for Nick and although it is only the first of three and will not changed much it has raised his profile.

    It is unlikely Gordon Brown can up his game from this performance, he has always had about as much charisma as leprosy so we could see a Lib Dem surge with the BNP picking up a few disgruntled Labour voters – not enough to worry about but enough to affect the outcome in two or three constituencies.

    Dare we hope for a Liberal Democrat MP in Burnley?

  3. Frosty Says:

    Dont worry once the proles realise you are pro europe, pro the euro, and want amnesty for illegals this sudden popularity surge will soon evaporate and then it will be back to third place for the illiberal democrats.

  4. Julian H Says:

    Frosty, can you point me to the strand of liberalism that considers it acceptable to refer to a human being as an “illegal”?

  5. Frosty Says:

    Whats the matter have i touched a nerve? Do you want me to phrase this another way? When the electorate realise the Liberal Democrats are pro europe, pro a single currency and pro an amnesty for human migrants that are found to be reisdent in the UK illegally then your sudden surge in popularity will disappear.

  6. Julian H Says:

    I don’t think we’re the ones with touchy nerves right now, Frosty. Wonderful re-wording though, many thanks.

  7. Micah Fairhurst Says:

    Is Blogengine getting a big upgrade shortly? I take heed to that they had been performing so to struggle off wordpress – just curious once you had listen to anything in any respect in any respect?