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VicTORYan values return

April 9th, 2010 Posted in Election by

Whilst Labour are insulting the public with pictures of Sarah holding hands with Gordon all over the country – showing us the “warm and cuddly” Gordon (erm yes….), the Tories are not to be out done. They have decided to offer newly weds (and those in civil partnerships) on basic rate tax the equivalent of half a packet of fags a week.

What ludicrous cretinous dolts do they take us for? (well we know the answer to that one). Do they really think that anyone will vote for them on the basis that they will be £1.50 a week each better off ?

And given that this is only day 2 of the General Election …what on earth will they be offering in 3 or 4 weeks time ?

2 Responses to “VicTORYan values return”

  1. tim leunig Says:

    Remarkably, you still get it if you are separated!

  2. angela Harbutt Says:

    Ah well that’s because when everyone had stopped rolling about the floor laughing at the derisory size of the “marriage” benefit – the Tories explained that it was only “symbolic” (as opposed to “meaningful”) er yeah I think we got that! . So what does it matter if you are single, married, separated – if its only a gesture?