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Have Newsnight lost the plot?

April 8th, 2010 Posted in Election by

Just in case Newsnight didn’t  notice – we have a general election on our hands. So why oh why was the first five minutes of tonights programme (8th April) given over to Liam Byrne MP (Labour) slagging off Tory plans…countered by…. James Caan (Dragons Den fame) ..oh…also slagging off Tory policy ???

Never mind the Lib Dem spokesman  – where oh where was the balance ? – Jeremy Paxman left attempting (badly) to represent the Liberal/Tory case.

I can’t believe Newsnight were caught “on the hop” so who was in charge..and  what is this?

BBC left wing boys attempting to hold up the cause single handedly?

Could do MUCH better..

3 Responses to “Have Newsnight lost the plot?”

  1. Alasdair Says:

    bbc liveblog says that they thought james caan was backing the tory proposals, but it was poor that the libdems barely featured tonight

  2. Chris Says:

    Alasdair is right.

    It was widely reported today that James Caan was supporting the Tory position. It was covered in the media as such, and he is even quoted as such. Indeed the newspapers tomorrow will include these quotes.

  3. Vote Bingo Says:

    Didn’t Caan miss the point last night on Newsnight regarding the national insurance rise? He made out that the cost of recruitment would only be around £15 per month extra employers NI for a new employee. He failed to make the point that an employers overall national insurance contribution will go up considerably and hence reduce the ability to recruit.