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How would you change UK democracy? LAST CHANCE TO VOTE

February 22nd, 2010 Posted in UK Politics by

There are but ten hours to go in the Power 2010 vote on changing British democracy.

You can vote, very easily. Takes barely a minute. If you’re going to do it, do it now.


In lieu of a grand “which ones should liberals vote for” post, here are some that I’d personally recommend voting for:

  • Introduce a proportional voting system
  • Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state
  • A fully elected second chamber
  • Expand the Freedom of Information Act
  • Votes at 16

Post your disagreements below.

4 Responses to “How would you change UK democracy? LAST CHANCE TO VOTE”

  1. Jock Says:

    My big problem with this Power2010 thing is that if it has any effect, and helps to clean up and rehabilitate our political institutions, does it not then likely make it all the harder for those of us who want to to undermine those very institutions?

    I’d kind of like the whole lot to limp on until it collapses in a heap of public disgust…:-)

  2. Tom Papworth Says:

    I am interested to know how they selected what went on the ballot. My “Massive reduction in government power / huge increase in individual freedom” never saw the light of day.

  3. Guy Aitchison Says:

    Hi Tom – the genesis of the shortlist of 29 ideas now being voted is set out here on the website:

    There were over 4000 ideas submitted by the public which were boiled down to a list of 29 by a Deliberative Poll of 130 citizens representative of the UK population as a whole – it was the fairest and most transparent way possible we could find of doing so.

  4. Ezekiel II Says:

    Whats the point of voting on something we never had ,we dont have and we are unlikely ever to have.
    Canons deafen whispering dwarfs.
    Shoulder keyboards,quick march,left,right…left,right
    about turn …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Akhenatens Architect