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Lib Dem AM Mick Bates “cannot remember” punching paramedic

February 8th, 2010 Posted in Liberal Democrats, UK Politics by

mickbatesOh dear – the Beeb is reporting that Mick Bates, Lib Dem AM for Montgomeryshire, is being accused of assaulting a paramedic who had been called to help him during a night out last month.

Bates was apparently kicked out of a restaurant, before allegedly verbally and physically assaulting the paramedic. He was then “kept under observation by security” at A&E.

LD head Kirsty Williams has seemingly claimed that he was knocked unconscious, a claim refuted by the paramedic. The relevance of this is that Mick Bates says he “cannot remember” what happened during the incident. It has previously been understood that he will stand down from the assembly next year (irrespective of these allegations).

The case continues.

Update: Steph Ashley got in there first, with her take on the incident (and timing of the report) over at Dib Lemming.

One Response to “Lib Dem AM Mick Bates “cannot remember” punching paramedic”

  1. Tom Papworth Says:

    A sad story, but we should be careful about jumping the gun.

    I understand that he suffered a head injury when he fell out of the restaurant. Even if the fall was the result of excess alcohol – so that he was partially to blame – it may be that he had concussion or other head trauma that affected his behaviour.

    Before people rush to accuse him of bad behaviour, we’d better be sure we know the medical circumstancs.