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B-Day ! Blair at the Iraq inquiry

January 29th, 2010 Posted in UK Politics by

blair-proestors-chilcott-2Ok its go go go….

I for one am fixed to my desk. TV on BBC, PC on Sky with windows open for Guardian /Politics Home and Times blogs.

More police than protestors outside – and probably more media than police. Constant buzz of the overhead helicopter adding interesting sound effect to TV and radio news reports.

I am not going to blog minute by minute updates – more gifted people than I are doing that.  For info I have found the following that all look like good options:  Guardian live blog, The Times’ live blog, Channel 4’s Iraq Inquiry blogger on Twitter, The Daily Telegraph’s live blog, Iraq Inquiry Digest’s live blog, Sky News Twitter feedFT’s Westminster Blog,Politics Home live blog. Doubtless there are others.

3 Responses to “B-Day ! Blair at the Iraq inquiry”

  1. Ajax Harington Says:

  2. Jack Hughes Says:

    I’m bored when I hear the word “Iraq”.

    Maybe it’s living outsie London – I know the BBC has a fetish on Iraq ‘cos they mention it every 10 minutes.


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