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Is David Cameron a wet or a liberal

January 16th, 2010 Posted in Uncategorized by

David Cameron has been reported to be a liberal Conservative.

Classical lìberals in the Liberal Democrat party have been seen, not necessarily correctly, as close to the Consevatives. I believe that the onus is up to us to point out that liberalism and conservativism are incompatible.

Many will remember the arguments between the wets and the dries in the 1970’s. David Cameron is, in my view a wet, supporting the idea that the UK is one nation needing a ‘caring sensitive goverment’. Wet conservatism ran into problems because people tired of its paternalistic nature, and because it did not show an understanding of the needs of people. The problems that Cameron faced in favouring marriage are typical of the problems that this strategy has. It’s worth remembering that the wets were not popular with the electorate and the hatchet was wielded by their own party after they tired of losing elections in the period up to 1979.

What David Cameron is proposing is actually closer to social liberalism. I can’t, however, see the social liberals, many on the left of the party the party, being keen on an ideological alliance with ‘liberal conservatives’.

Since Camerons liberal conservatism is unlikely to be favoured by either wings of our party he will be forced to seek his allies within his own party. At present expediency means that they are unlikely to engage in a debate but ultimately the economic liberals and libertarians in the conservative party will be no keener on ‘Cameron Conservatism’ than the dries were in the policies of the wets.

It seems likely that ‘liberal conservatism’ will be an ideological ‘political genetic dead end’ attempting to mate with other groups but being rebuffed by all. Possibly Camerons main objective is tactical, to harvest votes from Lib Dem supporters. Whether he can do this without raising the spectre of the paternalistic one nation conservatism of the wets for which there is little support even within his own party remains to be seen.

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  1. Is David Cameron a wet or a liberal Victoria University VU China Says:

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  2. Ziggy Says:

    What Cameron happens to be is a social programmer witth all the talk of tax breaks for couples. I don’t like moralising politicians at the best of time but I particularly have distain for the ones who want to implement social programming.

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