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Where is Jo Swinson when you need her?

January 13th, 2010 Posted in Liberal Democrats, UK Politics by

Apologies to Jo if she did comment on it. But after all those mad cries for bans on airbrushing, I can’t find a single comment from her on “that David Cameron” picture. fake1












Is it terrible to fool a few silly women – but OK to deceive the whole electorate? It’s all nonsense as far as I am concerned. But some consistency would be nice. Maybe it’s just airbrushed WOMEN she objects to?

(Hat tip to Guido  (its his picture) who pointed out the glaring similarities between the over-airbrushed David Cameron and  Data from Star Trek.

UPDATE: As you will see from the comments posted – Jo Swinson has indeed commented on David Cameron’s airbrushing. Check out the comments ..but essentially Jo said the following at a House of Commons debate: Media Images (women and girls) on Jan 11thIndeed, it seems that some politicians are not immune to that vanity. The Minister may have seen the Conservative party’s new billboard featuring a picture of the Leader of the Opposition looking more than a little airbrushed. I know that he wanted to present the new face of the Conservative party, but had not realised that he meant it literally”.

Jo also tweeted on Jan 5th “something a bit fake about the new Tory poster – is it Dave’s message or just the airbrushing?

Not quite the same attack as that launched on Twiggy is it now Jo? But I was wrong to say that she had not commented quite clearly.

12 Responses to “Where is Jo Swinson when you need her?”

  1. Jo Swinson Says:

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  3. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Jo you read our blog. Brilliant!!! I will update immediately. Angela

  4. Angela Harbutt Says:

    All updated. It’s surprising just how many people keep an eye on the Liberal Vision blog…..

  5. Fred Behr Says:

    Angela – I think Call Me Dave’s similarity to Data could be more than you realise.

    Not being a trekkie I had to look him up on Wikipedia and apparently “His positronic brain allows him impressive computational capabilities. He has ongoing difficulties, however, understanding various aspects of human behavior and is unable to understand certain human idiosyncrasies.”

  6. Philip Walker Says:

    is unable to understand certain human idiosyncrasies

    Sounds more like Brown to me.

  7. Frank H Little Says:

    That adjournment debate was hardly attended. No LibDems, apart from Jo, no Conservatives (apart from that independent from Croydon) and only one Labour member apart from Sion Simon. Simon sounded remarkably ill-prepared, as if he had been handed the government brief five minutes beforehand.

  8. Niklas Smith Says:

    Simon sounded remarkably ill-prepared, as if he had been handed the government brief five minutes beforehand.

    Who knows, maybe he had? 😉

  9. Niklas Smith Says:

    What sort of job is “Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Creative Industries” anyway?

    It reminds me of the Yes Minister episode where Humphrey explains that the Prime Minister has little choice over his/her ministers: of a parliamentary party of just over 300, “one hundred are too old and too silly, one hundred are too old and too callow, so there are about 100 MPs for 100 government jobs. No choice at all.”

    Why do we need all these minor ministerial posts? Most other countries seem to get on well enough without them (or at least without them being parliamentarians).

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  11. Jack Hughes Says:


    Is there going to be an amnesty for old versions of Photoshop?

    Can I send you the old diskettes for safe destruction?

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