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Worst Propaganda Ever…

December 27th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

One of the reasons I am grateful to be a Liberal is that we’re not completely moonbat when it comes to Europe. Although I may have discovered the reason many are. Truly shocking as a propaganda attempt:

5 Responses to “Worst Propaganda Ever…”

  1. BenS Says:

    Left a comment… turns out it’s pending moderation.


  2. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Well, it’s a surprise to me, Ben. As I’ve checked the message filter and there are no messages waiting to be moderated. Here’s an idea – try leaving again?!

  3. BenS Says:

    Oh, no I mean on youtube

  4. Sara Scarlett Says:

    Oh, I see! I do apologise.

  5. Julian H Says:

    Truly brilliant. Reminds me of an interview with a French farmer before the last election in which he waved an arm in the direction of the hills behind him and said “If you don’t protect this, what is left? McDonald’s!”