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Griffin slaughtered on BBC’s Question Time

October 22nd, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

griffin-qt1For anyone who doubted the basic sense of allowing Nick Griffin onto this evening’s Question Time, watch the BNP leader in action.  And preserve us from the left-wing activists who were protesting outside TV Centre. They managed to give the BNP an endless stream of positive news coverage from this morning. Fortunately, at the main event itself, Griffin was roundly thrashed.

The man’s not a total idiot, but this was terrible coverage for the British National Party.

A victory for freedom of speech and a blow for the forces of authoritarianism (both left and right).

12 Responses to “Griffin slaughtered on BBC’s Question Time”

  1. allen Says:

    Yes, really a victory. Good.

  2. Niklas Smith Says:

    Oh good. I haven’t seen the show yet, must do so as soon as I’ve finished my econometrics…. It’s always nice when freedom of speech does help the right side! So much for the “oxygen of publicity”.

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  5. tomsmith Says:

    Although I thought Griffin came across very poorly, I think that the main parties and the BBC didn’t do themselves any favours either. They had nobody to speak to the person who votes BNP. As such, to those people, that episode of QT will look like a bunch of west London liberals ganging up to jeer at Griffin, a person who does address their concerns after a fashion.

  6. Tom Papworth Says:

    I agree with Tom Smith up until the final clause: Nick Griffin does not address their concerns; he panders to them.

    What disappointed me about last night was the lack of debate between the other panalists, the failure to discuss any issues of real concern outside the White City village, and the concentration by everybody concerned on one small, insignificant party. The first time UKIP appeared on QT the panel and audiance did not spend 60 minutes talking about UKIP!

    I will stress this point because it is very important: We will not defeat the BNP if all the mainstream parties agree with one another. We will defeat the BNP by having a real, serious and public debate among the mainstream parties about the issues that affect real people.

    (Apologies to LDV readers who may be feeling a sense of deja vu)

  7. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Griffin is already calling to be allowed a repeat appearance on the show – as yesterdays show was exclusively about the BNP and not the “main issues” of the day. Of course what we dont know is what proportion of the questions submitted by the audience las night were about the BNP and what proportion were on other matters (such as the postal strike etc).

  8. Dave Atherton Says:

    I have to agree with the two Toms. All the other four panelists, Dimbleby and a hostile audience looked like playground bullies, picking on the ginger haired geek.

    I am sure the Islington intelligensia are beside themselves with joy, patting themselves on the back for the beating that Griffin got.

    While the odious, charlatan Griffin deserves vilification from all corners of the UK, this cross between a Soviet Show Trial and bear baiting undermines predictably the BBC and Hampstead half wits on genuine free speech and expression.

    I am sure left to ramble Griffin would of pulled the pin on his petard all too quickly.

  9. Ziggy's Take On Nick Griffin's Appearance On QT Says:

    Click on my name to find out what I think but I now hear that Griffin is lodging a complaint with the BBC,

    I wonder I can also complain about Griffin being a twat

  10. Bunny Smedley Says:

    Although I support the BBC’s decision to invite this wretched idiot onto QT, I’m less convinced than some here that Griffin was in any way damaged the experience.

    For a nation that loves backing the under-dog, the spectacle of a panel of smug Establishment types joining forces with a jeering, braying audience and the unpleasant (and, as Mark rightly suggests, tactically counter-productive) mob outside in order to bait, bully and shout down a lone individual – who, though generally incoherent, tendentious and full of the most malign sort of nonsense, never really lost his composure – may not have presented the viewing public with quite the wholesome morality play the BBC and all right-thinking people doubtless desired.

    Bluntly, I do slightly worry that the net result of last night was to raise Griffin’s profile, and further to suggest that his message is somehow so radical, distinctive and excitingly dangerous as to terrify our Establishment. And on how many nice, decent, liberal-inflected blogs recently have we been told that our politicians are virtually all corrupt, that radical change is what we need, that nothing but thorough-going change of structures, ethics and personnel can ‘cleanse’ our civic order?

    The better answer, clearly, would have been a low-key QT, devoted to the sort of geeky policy questions where, in a context of vaguely intelligent debate, Griffin’s intellectual and moral poverty might have been displayed to truly spectacular effect. But that, perhaps, might have required a degree of institutional self-confidence our political and cultural elites find it ever-harder to project. It always amazes me that liberals ever like democracy much, when it’s such an equivocal friend to their central entreprise, with such a history of unkindness towards them …

  11. Laurence Boyce Says:

    Very interesting Bunny. I think you’re about right. Nick Griffin sort of won and lost at the same time. He managed to look like a complete chump, and yet the overall impression conveyed was one of an establishment stitch-up. The desire to feel good about ourselves seems to get in the way of genuine moral progress every time.

  12. tim leunig Says:

    If it had been regular q’s, Griffin could have given me-too answers and looks the same as everyone else, i.e. not bonkers. Yesterday exposed him as a loon. The BNP are different.