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Breaking news: Wilders has UK ban overturned

October 13th, 2009 Posted in EU Politics, UK Politics by

wildersCourtesy of the BBC – Dutch right-winger Geert Wilders has successfully appealed against the ban imposed on him entering the UK.

I’m sure you all recall the situation: upon trying to enter the country in February, our ever illiberal Home Office chucked him on a flight back to the Netherlands.

At the time Chris Huhne, disappointingly, endorsed the government’s decision.

Not all of us were impressed.

3 Responses to “Breaking news: Wilders has UK ban overturned”

  1. Bunny Smedley Says:

    He now appears to be planning to visit the UK on Friday. Perhaps by then the BBC will have figured out how to pronounce his name as if it were Dutch, not German?

  2. Tom Papworth Says:

    That is an excellent photo!

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