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Freaky Tory photoshop pictures

October 5th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

tory-blue-skiesSorry if I am the last person to notice – but can anyone shed any light on why these somewhat freaky photos have appeared on the Tory website?

 I dont visit there often so not sure how long they have been up there – but  its bit like being greeted by some weird American Religious Order when you drop in on the official party  website .




 The reason I ask is because I cant actually believe Michael Gove would actually sanction this picture of him anywhere (surely its a rather hideous avatar head stuck on some school boys body?).

What is going on? Any ideas ?

13 Responses to “Freaky Tory photoshop pictures”

  1. Fred Behr Says:

    Nope – I think these photos are “Swinson-friendly”. If you have had the misfortune to be up close and personal with any tories you will know they really do look like that.

  2. Thomas Atcheson Says:

    Surely anyone with photoshop could do better. They are clearly photoshopped (either that or Mark Francois and ken Clarke are giants).

    The lighting and scale varies from shot to shot, and the background? If you are going to bother to put a fake background in, don’t make it so obvious.

    A freak cloud formation that didn’t move for an hour – please.

    Then add the lack of a coherent dress code. Why use an image if its damaging to the cause?

  3. Sara Scarlett Says:

    If I were Michael Gove I wouldn’t sanction a picture of myself anywhere. In fact I’d pretend to be a woman and wear a burkha! He’s a smart guy but he’s more ugly than is socially acceptable.

  4. Fred Behr Says:

    Gove looks like seconds before the photo he buttoned up his top button and tightened up the knot on his tie then just as the photo was being taken and he was trying to force his trademark smile/grimace the shocking truth was dawning on him that his top button was too tight and he was losing blood circulation to his head.

  5. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Ha Ha good comments – I was looking at them again this morning – I’m just a sucker for punishment – is “the cloud” (yes Thomas the one that doesnt ever move)the shape of Africa ???? Is it my imagination or are they trying to communicate a hidden message I wonder ….

  6. Fred Behr Says:

    No – the cloud is a large “ear”. It is to symbolise that they are the listening party.

  7. Sara Scarlett Says:

    OMG I just went onto that site. If Joyce Anelay isn’t David Cameron in drag then I just don’t know what is…

  8. Angela Harbutt Says:

    No Fred I have looked at it again – its a large sheep’s head looking over their shoulder – it is to symbolise they are leading the lost flock to greener pastures !!

  9. Richard Says:

    Have seen the Gove photo before on ConHome, it’s been around a while.

  10. Kasch Says:

    I’ve seen much worse of Gove lol, the ones where the photographer has caught him mid-speech are hilarious.

    Phillip Hammond reminds me of Hugh Abbot!! lol

  11. Giles Says:

    I think they’ve read Dillow’s piece about good looking politicians getting more votes, and are hoping the airbrush can do this for them.

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  13. Steve Says:

    There is something really bizarre about Liam Fox’s head size, it reminds me of that scene in The Thick Of It, when Malcolm Tucker tells a potential leadership candidate not to stand because he has a “tiny head”.