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The answers I want from my Tory candidate in Battersea

September 25th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

jane-ellisonJane Ellison is my Conservative PPC in the uber-marginal seat of Battersea (Labour majority 164)

If the Tories don’t win here, Gordon Brown will have been re-elected – probably with an increased Parliamentary majority.

So, I read Ms. Ellison’s “Reporting Back” leaflet with interest.

In some ways, it’s a great mimick of LibDemmery.

There’s all sorts of pictures of Jane at all sorts of civic functions.

She helpfully tells us that the leaflet was paid for and distributed by Tory volunteers (is Michael Ashcroft a volunteer?)

Painfully, there’s a list of helplines on the inside front panel of the leaflet. Covering everything from a graffiti hotline to advice on influenza. They even tell you the telephone number for National Rail Enquiries  (it’s 08457 48 49 50  just in case you haven’t mastered google yet)

Balancing the books doesn’t seem to figure though. So, Ive dropped her a line.

Well, I tried to.

But unfortunately is down at the moment, and so my email bounced. I had to send it to

Here’s what I wrote:

Dear Jane,

Thanks for your August/September newsletter, which I’ve now read in its entirety.

I am most concerned – given the country is hurtling towards a debt of £1.4 trillion – that there wasn’t very much information about the cuts you will be advocating if you’re successful as the local Conservative candidate and/or the Conservatives form the next government.

You seem to have a number of spending pledges in your pamphlet, for example:

1. Improved maternity provision

2. Return of health services to Bolingbroke Hospital

3. Requiring all new health centres to offer longer, flexible hours and walk-in services

4. Extension of the tube network into east Battersea

5. Forcing rail companies to provide longer trains and extended platforms

You also mention one tax issue – the rise in business rates (which you oppose).

I assume you can deliver all of the above spending commitments by raising other taxes?

From what I can ascertain, it seems you support less tax and more government spending at a time when the United Kingdom is practically bankrupt.

I was wondering if you could give me an indication of what cuts you would like to see in public expenditure?

Which current expenditure projects would you like to see axed?

I was also a bit bemused to see a list of telephone numbers on the inside panel of your leaflet – all from quangos dealing with everything from influenza to graffiti.

I’d understood that the Conservatives were going to slice back on quangos.

Which of the quangos listed in your leaflet do you think should be abolished?

I look forward to your early reply.

With all best wishes,


3 Responses to “The answers I want from my Tory candidate in Battersea”

  1. Guy Herbert Says:

    Trouble is, Mark, I bet you could look at the local LibDem’s leaflets and make precisely the same points – and that of every other PPC with better than a cat in hell’s chance in the country. The horror of modern democracy is it amplifies all the old public choice problems. Every competent candidate slobbers over services and tries to give the impression to their potential electors that, even if there isn’t such a thing as a free lunch, somebody else is paying. The only ways it could conceivably be fixed is by restricting the franchise, educating a significant majority of the public to a level of economic literacy not generally found on the green banches themselves, or by decentralising, Swiss-style, to such a degree that any idiot gets that money for local spending comes out of the pocket of them and people like them, and central government debt sucks that budget away.

  2. A Different Hat Says:

    Try her direct email address: It’s on this website:

    But I reckon what you need is a credible Independent candidate!

  3. Vicky Frango Says:

    Good job there is a credible independent candidate for Battersea – Tom Fox. The reason he’s credible is because he’s out to deliver TWO things not a hundred like most MPs pledge and then fail to do.
    1. To pass a Private Members’ Bill which makes it illegal for MPs to further their own personal wealth by awarding government contracts to businesses.
    2. To decentralise power of the state and reinstate our civil liberies which have slowly been eroded over the last decade.
    Ok so it’s a national issue, local platform. But at least he’s not pretending to sort out your bins or improve the bus route….he’s out to fix the rot in the middle of the country first because until things improve in Parliament there’s no chance for political progress. First thing to go are the quangos!