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Is the people versus Larry Flint the best ‘libertarian’ film of all time.

September 18th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

A discussion with fellow freedom lovers threw up the names of a number of films of interest to Libertarians. Minority Report, Amazing Grace, and 1984 have all been suggested as films of interest to those of libertarian leanings. My personal favorite is, however, the often overlooked ‘People Versus Larry Flynt’.

The story focuses on the battle between publisher Larry Flynt and Christian Fundamentalist Gerry Falwell in 1988 over the publication of arguably libelous humour. The case threatened Flynts publising empire which was built on blue collar pornography. Flynt had been crippled in 1978 following an earlier court case in Georgia . The case went to the Supreme Court where Flynt won setting a precedent protecting the rights of publishers against wealthy public figures.

Flynt is often overlooked because of the nature of his business. The People versus Larry Flynt is however a moving film for those who love freedom of speech.

So is ‘The People Versus Larry Flynt’ the best ‘libertarian’ film ever made ?

People v Larry Flynt

7 Responses to “Is the people versus Larry Flint the best ‘libertarian’ film of all time.”

  1. Laurence Boyce Says:

    Surely the best libertarian film must be the ridiculous “V for Vendetta” no?

  2. Ed Joyce Says:

    V for Vendetta is another often ignored Libertarian themed film

    “People should not be afraid of their governments governments should be afraid of their people” – stirring stuff.


  3. Laurence Boyce Says:

    Yeah, that’s a great quote. But the best bit must surely be the grand finale where the Houses of Parliament are blown to bits. Spectacular. Though quite why anyone would want to blow up a Parliament they had just recently elected isn’t fully explained. They’ll only have to build themselves another one. Finally, Evey manages to work out who V really was. He was “all of us.”

    Ah, yes, how profound. Count me out maybe . . .

  4. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Though I like The People Vs Larry Flint the greatest all time libertarian film is ‘Brazil’ without a doubt.

    Plus I’d rate Demolition Man ahead of Larry Flint & V For Vendetta

  5. Laurence Boyce Says:

    Oh God, Brazil. Not merely a candidate for the greatest libertarian film, but hailed by many as the greatest film of the 20th century. Imagine my disappointment when I had to give up after forcing myself to watch the first 20 minutes. It says it all really that these films are invariably categorised as “dystopia.” That dreary pessimistic nightmare that libertarians almost wish would come about so that they can get into the bunker and indulge their fantasies to the full. It’s a slippery slope, you know!

    Demolition man – I haven’t seen that. One to miss maybe . . .

  6. CLS Says:

    Allow me to suggest several. From Australia we have The Castle, and Rabbit-Proof Fences. A British film is Evelyn. French would be East/West. US films: The Tailor of Panama, and Harrison Bergeron. All worthy libertarian themes.

  7. Ziggy Says:

    Oh if nobody has seen Brazil its on tonight BBC1 at 12:05 better to record it as its 2 & 1/2 hours long but worth every minute