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Nick Griffin v Nick Clegg: A match-up we all want to see

September 7th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

nick-griffinIt’s a rare thing indeed for me to praise the BBC, but they are quite right to offer BNP leader Nick Griffin a slot on the Question Time programme.

If I were still advising the LibDems, I’d suggest asking the QT team to put Nick Clegg on the same panel.

Irrational, populist, dangerous nonsense needs to be taken on and dispelled by the best man we’ve got – our party leader.

The BNP secured about a  million votes on June 4th and have two British representatives in the European Parliament.

Their case, their arguments and their voters deserve to be treated like any other group with this level of support.

Griffin is actually being given a free ride on race issues. If he cheers on the England football team, which players does he consider to be “ours”?  Are Rio Ferdinand, Ashley Cole, Glen Johnson, Jermaine Defoe and Emile Heskey as “English” as John Terry, Robert Green, Wayne Rooney and Matthew Upson?

Or should the former bunch be “sent home”? If he doesn’t want them “sent home”, does he regret that “they” were ever here in the first place? Does he consider them less English in any size, shape or form?

Rather than screaming “fascism” and “no platform” at the British National Party, let’s take on Griffin and his party through force of argument.

A failure to do so will rightly be read as yet more cowardice by the political establishment.

3 Responses to “Nick Griffin v Nick Clegg: A match-up we all want to see”

  1. tim leunig Says:

    well said Mark.

  2. Bishop Hill Says:

    Agreed. This is public service broadcasting.

  3. Laurence Boyce Says:

    Are you sure that’s such a great idea? Clegg will make Nick Griffin look good. Suppose instead we put up the best woman we’ve got. Susan Kramer.