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Government told that 1 in 10 NHS jobs must go

September 2nd, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

It would appear that  a little while ago the Government commissioned a report into how it could meet the £20bn planned efficiency savings within the NHS.

The answer from McKinsey (management consultants) was cut 137,000 jobs within the NHS – many of them frontline. 

It seems that the McKinsey presentation was made to the Department of Health back in the Spring – and circulated amongst senior NHS Managers under the DoH logo. Now its all come out (oops) and hey-ho government is doing as much as it can to distance itself from the the report suggesting “the review had been commissioned without full ministerial authority”.  I am not even sure what that means… but I am pretty sure that you dont spend what  six figure sums on McKinsey reports on the say so of the teaboy (or circulate it  to senior NHS managers!)

I thoroughly recommend you take a look at the Health Service Journal who appear to have been the publication that got hold of the report. Its eyewatering in almost every respect.

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