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BBC spends our money to resist sharing of licence fee

August 14th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

Since I have returned to UK three totally separate people have said to me “Angela have you seen what the BBC have been up to whilst you’ve been away”. The answer has been “no” . Though frankly nothing they do surprises me anymore.

So I go and look. What do I find ? Yes ignore the expenses, the ludicrous overspend on relocating to Salford, ….the hiring of huge yachts…and villas etc etc ….. the shocking stuff is that the BBC  is spending my/your/our license fee to secretly fund a protest  against proposals to share the licence fee.

To be specific. The BBC is paying part of the cost of a trade union meeting  entitled “Digital Britain – An Attack on the BBC?” at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton (Sept 30th). WTF??????  

The session will feature BECTU ( the broadcast technicians union) and the NUJ (national union of journalists) both speaking out against government proposals to “top slice” the TV licence fee.

When caught questioned, the BBC said …errr…. that it would be helping to meet the costs of the Labour party fringe meeting …. but err….  that a fringe meeting could not be described as “lobbying”  because it was open to a wide cross section of the public. 

How dare these people attempt to chop logic on whether this is “lobbying” or not.  They were spending my money to try protect their “slug” of the licence fee – by paying trade unions to front up for them . Thats cowardly and dishonest.

But if this is the game they want to play, I will play it. If this is “not lobbying” by virtue of it being ” open to a wide cross section of the public” I assume that as a licence fee payer I can just turn up to the labour party conference and be granted access to this session? Because – you bet I am going to try – and will advise the commercial broadcasters of my intentions – and ask the BBC why I cant gain entrance if I am stopped (strikes me that I am paying for it after all!).

Interesting to note that the BBC is not funding any fringe meetings at the Tory or Lib Dem conferences (well….. not any that they are admitting to anyway).

Anyone wishing to join me in seeking access to the BBC funded debate  on “Digital Britain – An attack on the BBC?” on Sept 30th , please let me know. details will be published as I receive them.

4 Responses to “BBC spends our money to resist sharing of licence fee”

  1. Mark Says:

    It’s a bit hard for me to get angry about this. “Public body in self-promotion shocker.” So the BBC are trying to keep the license fee. It’s hardly surprising. I’d be worried that the board were asleep at the wheel if they weren’t.

    I do, however, very much like your idea of trying to attend the meeting anyway. If you’re angry with something, and are getting fobbed off with duff answers, it’s a good idea to play them at their own game :)

    Salford – yes, it is a huge amount of money to be spent, but it’s really a governmental attempt to create employment and wealth in other regions of the country. It’s the same with the DVLA in Swansea et al. I don’t think you can really blame the BBC for this.

  2. RobW Says:

    BBC are on their last legs. There really is no justicfication for it any more.

  3. Nich Starling - Norfolk Blogger Says:

    I might be inclined to agree until I saw that this is the same nutty blog that wants to put forward a crazy motion to conference on privatising the NHS, something our PPCs will have to refute on doorsteps across the country until the next election.

  4. Jospeh Reynvaan Says:

    I read your blog from time to time and I have to say that I enjoy your template and of course your posts :-)