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Health Minister faces corruption enquiry

July 31st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

As the tawdry goings on in Westminster begin to recede into the distance, it is nice to know that we are not the only country afflicted with corrupt politicians.

According to CNBC news,

“Germany’s Social Democrat health minister [Ulla Schmidt] came under pressure on Sunday to explain why she took her official limousine, complete with chauffeur, on holiday to Spain where the vehicle was stolen.”

That’s going to take some explaining!

It would be easy at this point to make some easy philosophical point about the fact that the political system lends itself to corruption, and how taxpayers’ money being wasted is the third Inevitable along with Death and Taxes.

But it’s Friday.

Let’s just sit back and enjoy a good laugh.

4 Responses to “Health Minister faces corruption enquiry”

  1. RobW Says:

    That’s bloody hilarious.

  2. Julian H Says:

    These are exactly the kind of antics I’d expect from Sara Scarlett.

  3. Sara Scarlett Says:

    @Julian H: Wha?!

  4. Julian H Says:

    Don’t play innocent with us, Scarlett. There’ll be no LV-funded limo to Bournemouth for you.