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Mugabe’s henchmen continue terrorism

July 15th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

mugabeUnsurprisingly, efforts to form a new Zimbabwean constitution are being disturbed by ZANU PF troublemakers, according to a civil society group in the country.

The report highlights the “partisanship of the police” and “selective arrests of Civil Society Activists” while the ZANU PF terrorists walk free, tacitly condoned by the party leadership.

Progress at the constitutional conference has thus “almost irretrievably broken down.”

The future of Zimbabwe, as ever, depends on the complete fall from power of Mugabe and his clan.

5 Responses to “Mugabe’s henchmen continue terrorism”

  1. Neil Craig Says:

    However Mugabe has not invaded other countries, he has not bonbed hospitals, he has not ethnicly cleansed a country, he has not kidnapped children to sell to brothels, he has not engaged in genocide & he has not dissected living people to steal their organs.

    Under what possible circumstances can LibDems, who have done all these things, in the blatantly Nazi cause, criticise him on human rights grounds, or indeed claim to be 1,000th as civilised & democratic as he?

  2. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    I will never understand why Morgan Tsvangirai entered coalition government with that cunt & I can’t describe Mugabe as anything other then that, unless of course Mugabe did as he always does as in he threatened & bullied him to do so.

    One can only shake their head in despair as to what was has happened in Zimbabwe I can only hope the same does not happen in my native South Africa.

    Anyways why is LV taking an interest I thought you guys were non interventionists.

  3. Julian H Says:

    Hi Ziggy, I completely agree with your first point – the idea that a slightly-less-bad-socialist-despotism can be incrementally achieved and repare the country is delusional at best.

    On your last point – the contributors on this blog simply shove up anything we consider of interest. I’m interested in goings-on throughout the world (as, I suspect, are you) so I posted it – there’s no corporate purpose behind the postings.

    I am a non-interventionist.

  4. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Even though what has happened & still is happening in Zimbabwe gets really fucking angry unfortunately military invention would do no good. Mugabe would whip up a whole load of Pan African shite about how the white man has come back to colonise Africa & various tribal factions would forget their differences & support him.

    Unfortunately the bottom line with Zimbabwe is that they wanted independence, they got independence, now they need to learn to live with independence.

    Ultimately it needs to be the Zimbabwean people who need to get rid of him but it doesn’t mean individuals can’t help, Hey if there was a collection tin to pay for the assassination of Mugabe I’d donate.

  5. Dave Atherton Says:


    WIth respect Mugabe was guilty of genocide on the Ndebele tribe, Mugabe is an ethnic Xhona in the early 80s. The Tory government stood by and watched, tacitly condoning him.

    “Between 1982 and 1985, the military crushed armed resistance from Ndebele groups in the provinces of Matabeleland and the Midlands, leaving Mugabe’s rule secure. Mugabe has been accused by the BBC’s Panorama programme of committing mass murder during this period of his rule…”