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Sarah Brown: Press-ganged poodle or PR Pro?

July 9th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by


Gordon Brown has proved himself conclusively to be a charmless arrogant man, psychologically flawed, with all the “social skills of a whelk”. So what to do with such a catastrophic image problem just ten months out from a general election?sarah-brown-michelle-obama

Enter Mrs Brown stage left. Today, at the G8 summit, she was seen out and about with Michele Obama, yesterday it was a turn with the pope. Earlier this week it was reported that she has guest edited an upcoming special edition of the News of the World’s Sunday magazine “Fabulous” (on women’s health). Last week she was at Glastonbury (with Naomi Campbell no less) and the London Gay Pride march .

sarah-brown-and-naomi-campbell-at-glastonburyShe has also started twittering (300,000 followers no less),  has a face book page, and has come straight in at number two in Tatler magazine’s “Most Invited” list 2009. 

Thats a lot of PR.  Not only is she a bright PR professional, she is also warm, engaging, and  I am told, a genuinely “nice” person.SOCIAL Pride 143034

But the question that I really want to know is – has she been press ganged into the role by Gordon’s goons or has the PR professional taken it upon herself to attempt to salvage her husbands career on the (correct) assumption that she cant do any worse than the pretty shoddy lot her husband has thus far employed ?

Either way (a la Mrs Kinnock) I may well seek out Mike Smithson’s views on the what the odds are that it will be MRS Brown in parliament come the election after next rather than Mr Brown.

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