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Rupert Murdoch: I liked it so much that I bought your country’s legal system

July 9th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

rupert-murdochToday’s Guardian’s sensational expose of the Murdoch empire’s subversion of the rule of law raises a shedload of issues. The paper suggests that this poses “difficult questions” for:

David Cameron and his comms director Andy Coulson (who was line manager for many of the journos behaving in this illegal fashion)…

…Various arms of the British state from the Press Complaints Commission to the CPS, who have clearly been supine, incompetent or both…

…and “Murdoch executives who, albeit in good faith, have misled a parliamentary select committee, the Press Complaints Commission and the public .”

Murdoch himself doesn’t seem to be in The Guardian’s firing line. He now appears to be some form of weird Kaiser Soze mythical beast rather than a human being who is legally responsible for his – and his company’s – actions.

Fortunately, Rupert Murdoch is an American citizen and our government has entered into an extradition arrangement with the United States whereby we speed up the judicial process. Any British citizen wanted  by the States can be handed over to the US authorities without the need for a prima facie case being established on this side of the pond. And because we have a “special relationship” with the USA, I would have thought this applies the other way round.

 Oh, it doesn’t? 


6 Responses to “Rupert Murdoch: I liked it so much that I bought your country’s legal system”

  1. Bunny Smedley Says:

    Great post. And Chris Huhne is right, too – words I don’t find myself typing every day.

  2. Niklas Smith Says:

    Murdoch told Bloomberg news last night that he knew nothing about the payments. “If that had happened I would know about it,” he said.

    What bloody cheek! Does he expect anyone to believe that his company would pay out £1 million to hush up court cases without telling its main owner?

    After this and the Damien Green incident I think all public figures should encrypt their communications, starting with their e-mail (which is pretty easy with PGP). I’m seriously considering encrypting my own e-mail!

  3. Julian H Says:

    Bunny, you’re missing the point. Today’s challenge is to see how many phone-tap jibes we can aim at Kevo before it gets boring. For me they’re becoming funnier with every instalment.

  4. Niklas Smith Says:

    FYI, there is more interesting stuff (including Chris Huhne’s reaction that Bunny Smedley referred to) here:

    The gist is that the police did not inform many of the victims of phone tappings. The Met is clearly either corrupt or incompetent. This being Britain I would normally have opted for incompetence as the explanation, but I’m not sure now….

  5. Niklas Smith Says:

  6. Niklas Smith Says:

    A full set of links to all the articles is at the bottom of the liveblog here: