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Brown out in 9 months. Labour out in 11?

June 24th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

I had dinner tonight with a pretty significant journalist from a major broadcaster who relayed a story they felt in their own words “was a fraction shy of being reported on air” (and trust me, they have the power to run the story if they felt it could be stacked…).

As it happens a secondary source, at the last moment, was unwilling to be quoted.  So the story did not hit the airwaves.  But my dinner partner was “as sure as one can be” that the story stacked up.

I think it stacks up too. I heard it from another source just 24 hours earlier…

Question: Why didn’t David Milliband resign – as expected – shortly (hours)after the Purnell resignation?

Question:  Why didn’t Alan Johnson put the knife in ?

Question: Why did the PLP draw back from all-out  war with Gordon Brown when all the cards were theirs to play?

Answer : The “deal” was done “that evening” by the the Prince of Darkness… In return for the party backing down on Gordon “right then”….. it was agreed that  Gordon Brown WILL  QUIT as leader shortly (i.e weeks) ahead of the general election – with Johnson taking on the crown and moving immediately into a general election.

The reasoning?  (a) Brown wants to hang on in the (vain hope) that his record is salvaged between now and then. And (b) Labour pollsters reckon this is the best possible option for a slim parliamentary win – or, more likely, retention of power with a pact with the Lib Dems.

Now. What will the Lib Dems do in face of this information ?

UPDATE 11am, Thurs. 25th June : This scenario is becoming “perceived wisdom” in the Westminster village.

5 Responses to “Brown out in 9 months. Labour out in 11?”

  1. Jack Elwood Says:

    For all that is good and holy I hope they don’t form a Lib-Lab pact, and I seem to remember that they’ve stated they won’t.

  2. Robson Says:

    The information is a plant by desperate Labour activists or cunning Tory strategists. Both would like nothing better than to see us nullified by the prospect of a Lib/Lab pact.

  3. Niklas Smith Says:

    Now. What will the Lib Dems do in face of this information?

    NOT join in a pact!! Other than that, make sure that our strategy is not just anti-Gordon but criticises the whole thrust of Labour’s “command and control” approach (as Nick Clegg put it). Alan Johnson does not represent a change from New Labour.

  4. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Pretty sure that the story is not a plant. the journalist is too wily to rely onMy “other source” is a died in the wool labour supporter who has always been well-informed and honest.

    Niklas – I think you are right that the message must be about the whole regime – not just the leading individuals within. And it would be simply unthinkable for the Lib dems to support the Labour party given all that they have done to destroy civil liberties in this country. Let alone defy the public desire for a change in government which will surely be evident come the next general election.

  5. Reginald Durtschi Says:

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