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VIDEO: Keith Vaz sucking up to AJ

June 10th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

Yes, I’m going to say it – well played Diane Abbott.

[Note: her moment of inspiration arrives 13 seconds into the clip]

4 Responses to “VIDEO: Keith Vaz sucking up to AJ”

  1. Niklas Smith Says:

    Poor Diane – she’s almost bursting with laughter! Keith Vaz is obviously going fourth for “four more years” of Labour. I like John Prescott’s use of a classic 1066 and All That joke!

    Remember the 2004 Democrat bumper sticker in the USA? “Bush-Cheney: Four More Wars”. Can we come up with anything similar for Labour?

  2. Rob Stradling Says:

    Priceless! Bless her!

  3. Niklas Smith Says:

    @myself: How about “Brown-Harman: Four More Resignations”? Trouble is there would probably be more than four….

  4. Ed Says:


    Vaz is such a slimey toad. He turned up at the East Mids election count on Sunday evening with a bunch of slavering stooges who stood right in front of the counting screen blocking everyone elses view until he had satisfied himself and then he left. Urgh!