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Chris Davies MEP to “disassociate himself” from Westminster violence

June 10th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

chrisdaviesmepGood work by Lib Dem student Niklas Smith who has contacted the offices of Liberal Democrats associated with “Unite Against Fascism,” the group currently condoning violence and opposing free speech.

Niklas has been told by Davies’ office:

” … he [Chris] agrees that what took place yesterday is both counter productive and inappropriate, and he would disassociate himself from the actions taken.”

Lib Dem MPs Alistair Carmichael and Michael Hancock are reported to also be supporters of this group. I would urge them not only to condemn the actions of the past 24 hours, but also to distance themselves from this group entirely.

“Unite Against Fascism” are doing everything possible to promote fascism and appear little more than a belligerent collection of extremists looking for an excuse to kick off a war between communism and fascism that fortunately no longer exists.

4 Responses to “Chris Davies MEP to “disassociate himself” from Westminster violence”

  1. Neil Craig Says:

    Good for him. I was disgusted last night that Nerwsnight had a discussion on the BNP involving the leader of the “anti-fascist” fascist brownshirts who atacked Griffin & Simon Hughes, a racist who supports illegal wars, genocide, drug dealing, child rape & dissecting living people all i9n the Nazi cause & supported by Paxman, a fascist whore who will tell any lie & censor any fact to promote atrocities that would shame Hitler as long as he keeps getting the money. The BBC has not only entered party politics it is deliberately supporting thuggery.

    I note the police were mysteriously & uniquely absent from the grounds of parliament at the time & despite it being filmed & their leader on TV, unable to find & arrest these fascist scum. I suspect if they had been supporters of Millwall rather than the Labour/Conservative/Libdem party they would have done so.

  2. Niklas Smith Says:

    Here is the link to Newsnight; Simon Hughes and Martin Smith are about 16 minutes in:

    Nice of Paxman to mention Voltaire! Simon Hughes is excellent. Martin Smith is round the twist.

  3. Niklas Smith Says:

    Daniel Finkelstein at The Times rounds up the blogosphere’s reaction and gives us yet another video to watch:

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