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Johnson would cut Cameron’s lead by 6%

June 8th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

A ComRes poll for tomorrow’s Indy shows Johnson might drag Labour back towards hung Parliament territory.

In their wisdom, Labour have chosen electoral oblivion instead.

One Response to “Johnson would cut Cameron’s lead by 6%”

  1. Angela Harbutt Says:

    These people are just plain stupid.

    Annoint Johnson. He makes public declaration of an election on October 1st. No quibbles. Time, he can say, to sort out the expenses debacle and to have a fair election campaign when the population are back from summer holidays. The media will swim to the new blood (no more stories of splits inside the Labour party etc) – and clean face to put smeargate etc behind the party – and the Johnson bounce gives the party tonnes of positive publicity.

    If it were possible for him to promise a referendum on the same day (Oct 1st) on electoral reform – stating his personal support for some form of PR. Thats almost job done. The Tories, I assume, will argue against it (can they support it?) – so they get exposed as the “old guard” who are protecting their interests. I also assume we would support Johnson (?).

    In these circumstances – with a few extra bits and pieces I accept – its GAME ON for Labour. (even if they lose the general election they would surely secure a yes vote on the referendum).

    As it stands – its a long drawn out death – that looks like it could be the very end for the Labour party.

    But the dodo went – and these guys have just about as many brain cells as that as far as i can see.