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Gordon Brown’s last week as Prime Minister

June 2nd, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

gordon-brownSurely, this really is the end for the hapless Brown. The betting must be he will no longer be Prime Minister by this time next week. Today’s shambolic string of resignations shows no one is steering the ship of state anymore.

Labour’s perfomance at the polls on Thursday will be somewhere between derisory and catastrophic.

If senior Labour figures have not prised his fingers from the Downing Street door frame by Monday, then they may have sentenced their party to death.  Tomorrow’s Guardian leader calls for Brown to be forced from office. Is there anyone who now thinks he should stay?

The smart money must now be on Labour winning between 100 and 149 seats at 17/2, in an election this September or October (10/1). And you can still get better than 2/1 on Alan Johnson as next Labour leader.

5 Responses to “Gordon Brown’s last week as Prime Minister”

  1. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    I seriously doubt the Labour Party are about to dump brown I mean whoever is Prime Minster is going to lose the next election whatever so what’s the point of getting rid of Brown.

    Plus this kind of political speculation really is merely a pointless distraction I’m sure somewhere in this country tonight somebody’s civil liberties are being screwed over.

  2. Julian Harris Says:

    Ziggy, the fall of authoritarians is a move towards greater civil liberties. Sure, there are a lot more authoritarians looking to take their place, but every scalp is a little more erosion for their bankrupt philosophy and grip on power. What’s the alternative to bringing down Gordo? Sea-steading?

  3. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Every hour that passes is only bringing your prediction that bit closer – Blears resignation was clearly timed to cause maximum difficulty for Gordon Brown.

    This is a cabinet slowly castrating the Prime Minister in public, slice by slice. I dont think that Wire or Shield (two of my favourite Amreican cop shows and pretty hard core as TV dramas go..) have been quite that full on.

  4. Ziggy Encaoua Says:


    Do you seriously think who ever replaces Brown is going to be less authoritarian

    When are you going to wake up & realise that government is going to become increasingly authoritarian no matter who happens to be in charge unless there’s serious reform to the system of government we have & as you know there are libertarians who don’t even think that would cure the problem.

  5. Julian H Says:

    “Do you seriously think who ever replaces Brown is going to be less authoritarian”

    No. I said: “Sure, there are a lot more authoritarians looking to take their place”.