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Brown’s biggest balls up yet

May 31st, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by


Vince Cable must think that Christmas is about to come early for him. It would seem that Gordon Brown wants to make Ed Balls the new chancellor in the up-coming reshuffle.

When we all finish rolling around the floor laughing, we should maybe ask the question “why have his advisors in the bunker not told him the sheer lunacy of the action”?  

Pick one of the following.

1. There is no one in the bunker stupid.

2. They were too scared they would be shot.

3. They did but Gordon was in the corner,hands over ears, shouting “la la la la I’m not listening”.

4. They thought Ed Balls was as good as a cyanide capsule and probably for the best.

5. He They have annointed Ed Balls as the next leader & want to raise his profile.

I personally favour answer 4, though in the mad world of Labour-land i dont rule out 5 (Pete and Ed do now sit next to each other in Cabinet after all).

If reports are true, then after some arse-saving warning about “the potential dangers” involved ( erm yeah..), Lord Mandelson has said he is ready to support the move as part of a final attempt to revive goverment’s fortunes” . Please note the word “final”. 

Another question for you. Is Mr Mandelson..

1. Sitting there head in hands, wondering where it all went wrong

2. On the phone to Mr Johnson as we speak

3. On the phone to Ed Balls as we speak

4. Still deciding which horse to back (we know he likes to leave it late).

I dont know either, though I’m pretty certain it’s not answer 1.

2 Responses to “Brown’s biggest balls up yet”

  1. David Heigham Says:

    Maybe “Its not about the economy, stupid”? Who is the only potential Chancellor who can be:
    A) relied upon to not mutiny against Brown?
    B) threaten potential mutineers as a loyalist candidate should there be an election for leader (thereby making an election less likely)?

    Brown will spend his summer plotting to do down leadership challengers. The economy he will leave to look after itself until September; just as he did so disastrously last year.

  2. Eric Arkell Says:

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