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BREAKING NEWS: Glenda Jackson repays £8k in expenses for Labour report

May 31st, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

glenda-jackson-c1968Glenda Jackson has been forced to repay £8,000 in expenses that funded a report promoting the Labour Party, according to the Telegraph (who else?).

The article also outlines a number of previous cases in which Jackson has merged parliamentary expenses with party business.

‘In March 2006 she claimed £7,500 in office expenses from the taxpayer to pay her local party for the “provision of constituency services during 2006”.

The payment was made to Hampstead and Kilburn Labour Party. ‘

This continued in following years and payments were also made to a Labour party product entitled:

“Computing for Labour”

Imagine what that covers.

The article also claims that Jackson is one of parliament’s “least value for money” MPs. In spite of attending only 27 per cent of votes and speaking only twice in debates in 2007-08, she claimed over £135,000 in expenses.

I suppose Hampstead is expensive, darling.

As a surprise to some, she has decided to contest the new Hampstead & Kilburn constituency whenever her clumsy boss decides to go to the country and face his political end.

Even prior to this story breaking, odds have recently shortened on Lib Dem candidate Ed Fordham winning the seat.

8 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Glenda Jackson repays £8k in expenses for Labour report”

  1. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    I knoww this has nothing to do with anything but I did send an email to both Mark & Ed almost two weeks ago asking that the link to my site be changed from Ziggy The Deviant Liberal to just The Deviant Liberal.

    However as per usual my request was ignored as generally anything else I say due to me not being ‘middle class enough’. Yeah that’s right folks I’m discriminated against by liberals for being a not so well off spastic so never believe any liberal when they say they believe in diversity etc.

    Anyways please could somebody either remove the link or change it as I’ve asked.

  2. Julian Harris Says:

    Consider it done, Ziggy. Now you can get back to sitting in the garden with a Pimms while Morgan and Zacharia play on the swings. Terribly nice weather, what?

  3. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Hey I’ve been told by more then one source that I was being discriminated against by party members because I wasn’t ‘middle class enough’ one of those supposedly doing so being Mr Littlewood.

    You might chuckle about it but I actually don’t find it a luaghing matter

  4. Julian Harris Says:

    Well I’m sorry Ziggy but I hadn’t heard that before and in the case of Mark find it extremely difficult to believe. Nonetheless, you’re welcome here and the link is now changed – it originally contained your name simply as that’s the style I usually adopt (ie. “People’s Republic of (Alix) Mortimer”).

  5. Mark Pack Says:

    Not quite such breaking news I think, as this looks to me the story that, ahem, I broke last year at and following a complaint based on that she agreed to repay the money

    The Glenda Jackson excuse which the Telegraph quotes is the one she gave to a local newspaper last year following this story.

  6. Simon R Says:

    Of course, Hampstead might well be expensive, but Glenda chooses to live in Blackheath…

  7. Julian H Says:

    Oh really, interesting. How behind I am on my local political scene. I suppose she has “a right to a family life,” though.

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