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LibDems overtake Labour in opinion polls

May 30th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

Just to show how amazingly febrile the present political atmosphere is, compare tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph ICM poll with the post from Julian, below.

The poll puts the LibDems ahead of Labour – for both the Westiminster and European elections. These are staggering figures – and point to Labour teetering on the brink of oblivion. Is this finally the just reward for Nick’s high media profile over the past ten days?

Westminster: Con 40%, Lab 22%, LibDem 25%

European: Con 29%, Lab 17%, LibDem 20%, UKIP 10%, Green 11%, BNP 5%

UPDATE: The Sunday’s Telegraph coverage is here

12 Responses to “LibDems overtake Labour in opinion polls”

  1. keith elliott Says:

    As I said with regard to the previous poll we need to be careful of reading too much into one single poll.

    The results of the elections are only a week a way and we can be sure, they will give all of us plenty of food for thought.

    I think it would be amazing if we beat Labour next week and all efforts should be focussed on getting the vote out.

    Clegg has played a blinder over the last 10 days (and done pretty well before) and deserves a good result.

  2. Tom Says:

    25 % is nothing to be proud of?
    this is a time when this party has the most relevant policies and positions on reform…and we’re only polling low 20s a year out from the general?! its a shocking failure on the part of the leadership and i think this party is well on its way to becoming irrelevant

  3. Greenfield Says:

    Good news – but a week is along time in Politics.
    Tom – you are joking arent you ????………. but I do think we should be doing better & i think we will.
    Only last night a group of mates (all main stream politically = Tory/Labour/ & Lib) were all saying how the Lib Dems having being getting it right over the last few years & promising to vote for us next time/week.
    After 20 odd years of having the piss taken out of my liberal views – I’m now having the last laugh at their ‘conversion’!!

  4. Wayne Lawrence Says:

    We should be sceptical of a single poll, but it’s where we should realistically be.

    Perhaps the Orange Bookers influence is starting to be appreciated?

  5. Bishop Hill Says:

    Would this be enough to make the LibDems the official opposition?

  6. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    I heard that in one poll that UKIP are running second to the Tories

    Come thursday I’ll probably be casting my vote for Daniel Hannan & I urge all libertarians/classical liberals who live in the south east to do the same to consider doing the same.

  7. burkesworks Says:

    Bishop Hill @ 5 – no it wouldn’t sadly. Assuming a uniform swing (not that that would occur in practice, of course), a 25% vote share would give the Lib Dems about 83 Parliamentary seats under FPTP, with Labour still retaining about 160 seats on these figures. This, of course, tells you more about FPTP than it does about the Lib Dems and Labour.

  8. Julian Harris Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Burkesworks – I’ve added a link to your blog on the sidebar.

    Equally, Bishop Hill – I should have done this before, but there’s now a link to your blog just to the right of this comment.

  9. burkesworks Says:

    Cheers Julian; I’ve kept my blog private for a while, but I was thinking of opening it up once again and this is the shove needed for me to do just that.

  10. Julian Harris Says:

    Good stuff, Guv – I’ll expect a credit when the blog awards swing round again.

  11. Bishop Hill Says:


    That’s very kind of you. I will return the compliment – equally tardily, I’m afraid to say.

  12. Bishop Hill Says:

    I wonder if tactical voting, of the kind that unseated so many Tories in 1997, could bring in enough votes to change that. As Dizzy says, getting authoritarians like NuLab out of the political mainstream would be a victory for liberalism.