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Tipping one’s hat to the Welsh freedom fighters

May 28th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

croweAn excellent post on the excellently named Freedom Central this morning highlights the far-Left clique’s activities in Wales.

The LD blog reveals a TUC hustings to which Labour, Plaid and NO2EU candidates were invited – but none from other parties, including the LDs. The alleged reason for this is that other candidates were deemed “not representative of trade unions.”

As FC argues back: “Surely it is up to Union members to decide who is representative of them?”.

Indeed, but that’s really not the way these things work, is it? Nonetheless, FC’s comments are so pertinent and well articulated that I’m simply going to copy and paste the lot:

“I suppose that the Cardiff TUC leadership believe they know what is best for their members. These undemocratic dinosaurs shouldn’t be allowed to keep their grip on Trade Unionism. At least Welsh Lib Dem candidates got to spend their time out on the doorsteps meeting real people for the evening instead of taking part in a stage managed puppet show.”

Hear and, indeed, hear again.

I actually received literature from the somewhat crazed “No2EU” party t’other day. Was considering a blog on’t, but am not sure if it warrants the effort. Will mull this one over. I do wonder who’s funding that party, though. Did we ever find out if Unison have donated £100,000 to Labourlist?

One Response to “Tipping one’s hat to the Welsh freedom fighters”

  1. Tristan Says:

    The TUC and co don’t represent workers. They represent the union/party/corporate system.

    It was the biggest con of the establishment corporate liberals (in US parlance)/social democrats to destroy the working class movement as a threat to established interests.

    The strife of the 70s and 80s was a battle for dominance of two wings of the ruling classes, not a battle for the rights of ordinary workers.

    (some of the smaller unions still represent workers, and of course there is always the Wobblies).