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Mellow Yellow Vince

May 26th, 2009 Posted in Economics, UK Politics by

With all the furore around the Snoutgate scandal, it’s worth remembering that one of the most trusted and respected politicians of recent times just happens to be LibDem Deputy Leader and Shadow Chancellor. Here’s Liberal Vision’s tribute to Vince Cable.

20 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Vince”

  1. Bullish on Britain » Blog Archive » Ode to St Vince Says:

    […] From Liberal Vision: […]

  2. Chris Black Says:


  3. Andy Hinton Says:

    Nice, but surely the clip of Tom Baker used should have been the quote “give us a ray of hope, cock!”.

  4. Mark Littlewood Says:

    Andy, the producer of the video has just ripped her hair out. She was desperately trying to include that quote in the video, but it didn’t quite hit the meter of the music. She has promised (at near gunpoint) to make sure it’s in her next pro-Vince effort!

  5. Dave Atherton Says:

    I have to say that was well written and produced.

  6. Gandhi Says:

    Lovely, but why are liberals trying to create heroes for us to follow?

    I prefer Brian of Nazareth: “You don’t NEED me! Think for yourselves! You’re all individuals!”

  7. Angela Harbutt Says:

    We are celebrating him NOT trying to create a hero. We recognise his honesty, wit and foresight. he is just one cool guy and there are not a lot of them around these days -let alone in politics.

  8. Gandhi Says:

    Vince Cable is “cool” 😉

    Well I suppose it’s less crazy than “Gordon Brown is [qualified/competent/honest]”

  9. Praguetory Says:

    I find nothing endearing or useful about Vince and I like a lot of Lib Dems. Just thought I’d let you know.

  10. Julian H Says:

    Dekuju, Praguetory.

  11. Ken Hall Says:

    Vince Cable is NOT the shadow chancellor. He is the Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman.

    Please get your titles correct.

    As for the Liberal Democrats, I do honestly like a lot of their polices, However I can NEVER forgive them for their cruel and intentional betrayal of the British People by deliberately and deceitfully breaking their election manifesto promise by abstaining on the Commons vote on the referendum for the EU treaty and then reversing course altogether and voting AGAINST the referendum that THEY promised.

    They cannot be trusted. They are equally in favour of treason upon our Sovereign Parliament, Country and people as the other so-called mainstream parties.

    We need to rid ourselves of ALL the old, discredited, thieving mainstream (so-called) politicians and start afresh with new, honest people who will put THEIR ELECTORS first, second and third, before themselves and their party and the globalist elitist new world order.

    We, the people, come a distant fourth in their priorities, unless and until it looks like a seat on their gravy train looks threatened, then they listen, lie and start their treason and corruption all over.

    Well NOT anymore. It is TIME FOR REAL CHANGE.

    Let’s stop moaning about it and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE. Join, and MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!

  12. Julian Harris Says:

    “Vince Cable is NOT the shadow chancellor. He is the Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman.”

    What’s the difference? He shadows the chancellor.

  13. ollie Says:

    I do find this canonisation of Cable deeply curious.

    I think most people with a modicum of intelligence could have predicted a bursting credit bubble some years ago. That kind of house price inflation was utterly unsustainable – an economy based on personal and governmental debt was bound to crash. When a recession came knocking, we were bound to be hit hard.

    Vince Cable is not some other-worldly economic guru – he is, like all opposition politicians, an opportunist. Would he have advocated a slow down in economic growth if he were a government minister, where politics is a thousand times more complicated? Of course not. Would he have espoused his theories in the midst of an economic boom, to the great detriment of his own party? No, and neither would any other politician (including the Tories).

    He would have followed exactly the same path as the current government. In fact, the Lib Dems (or the Limp Dims as a friend of mine described them) would probably have spent (or is that squandered?) more than Labour. Cable knows it is highly unlikely he’ll ever be a government minister, and to that end, he can say pretty much what he likes without having to be overly concerned with votes – or real scrutiny. Even in the event of a hung parliament (which I don’t think is very likely anyway), could anyone see Cameron handing over a serious front bench role to anyone other than a Conservative?

    Also, the reneging on the referendum promise has shown the Liberals to be anything but democratic.

    “Liberal” and “Democrat” often means whatever the beholder wants it to mean. The Lib Dems are in the business of gathering votes, and to that end, they are exactly the same as any other political party – and are as equally cynical, if not more.

  14. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Ollie thanks for your contribution. Just for the record Vince Cable was indeed arguing about the dangers of debt in this country – and warning of a crash if nothing was done about – it many moons ago when it was highly unpopular to do so and was subject to much scorn as a result at the time.

    I dont think we are attempting to “canonise” Vince either. Warm and affectionate tribute maybe…

    Regarding whether David Cameron will hand over a serious front bench role to any one other than a Conservative. I agree with you – he wont. Nor will he offer true parliamentary reform. Shame.

  15. Praguetory Says:

    A handy and lucid contribution from Ollie. It was not an act of genius to predict that the crash would come and would be painful.

  16. Ben Says:

    Lovely video… but I’m still voting Labour.

  17. Julian Harris Says:

    Ahaha! Very good, Ben, very good. We should have more satire on here.

  18. ollie Says:

    Angela, I guess you mean PR when you talk about “true parliamentary reform”.

    PR is always a good idea if you keep coming second or third – although the Tories never called for it even when Blair gave them a whipping.

    Funny how messrs Johnson and Miliband weren’t banging the drum for PR in 1997 and 2001 – now they say it is essential for democracy. What breathtaking cynicism.

    I’m glad Jack Straw had the guts to say he didn’t support PR.

    Why would David Cameron espouse the virtues of an electoral system which would make his party virtually extinct? There would be a permanent Lib/Lab coalition – virtually impossible to remove from power – unless you went back to FPTP, of course.

    That doesn’t sound very democratic either – unless you’re a lib dem, of course.

  19. Gandhi Says:

    Ollie: I thoroughly agree. PR is an affront to democracy, we have just about the best system in-use in the London Mayoral Elections, there’s your model.

    But there’s a more important point, if you’ve been tuned in to the Libertarian Party’s output (, you’ll have seen this phrase:
    “REPEAL BEFORE REFORM”. Authoritarian rule + democracy is just mob rule, we need our individual freedoms and our national sovereignty GIVEN BACK first. That the “Lib” Dems continue to support the EU as it glides effortlessly towards totalitarianism is something I will not soon forgive.

  20. ollie Says:

    It’s all about political expediency – I just wish the libs would be at least honest about it.

    Here’s an interesting scenario regarding PR –

    1. lib/lab poll a higher percentage of the vote than all the other parties, and form a coalition govt

    2. Vince Cable becomes an unlikely chancellor – with just 20% of the national electorate voting lib dem.

    3. He then has a massively disproportionate level of power – according to the lib dems’ own criteria.

    Back to square one.

    There is no such thing as a “fair” electoral system – because “fair” only pertains to the view held by that particular party’s ideology.

    I’ve already said this – PR is great if you keep coming second or third – but not first.