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Cable should be next speaker – The Times

May 20th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

Today’s Times argues that Vince’s time has come.

The latest odds are here. Surely, John Bercow is only supported by Labour loyalists who want an anti-Cameron Tory?

5 Responses to “Cable should be next speaker – The Times”

  1. Costigan Quist Says:

    Today’s Times is talking out of its arse

  2. Neil Stockley Says:

    I agree with Costigan.

    There’s an agenda being run by people who don’t have the Lib Dems’ best interests at heart. It’s about as subtle as a stealth bomber.

  3. Wayne Lawrence Says:

    “Today’s Times is talking out of its arse.”

    Yep, that’s the default orifice from which its articles emanate. Entire forests given over to nonsense.

  4. Mark Littlewood Says:

    Tough one for us. Am loathe to accept any guidance from the Murdoch empire – but I do objectively think Vince would be a fantastic speaker.

    Most important factor is that it’s a radical reformer, with broad Parliamentary support and genuine public confidence.

  5. Andy Hinton Says:

    Many people don’t think Lib Dems should want any of our MPs to be Speaker, because we can’t afford to lose one of our 63 MPs. Surely, if that’s a relevant argument, then even more relevant is that we can’t afford to lose any of our widely respected economic prophets with enormous credibility with the public. We only have one of those.