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Speaker Martin “understood” to be stepping down

May 19th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

martinRumours are arife that Michael Martin will quit his post this afternoon, with the BBC rather tentatively stating:

“STV reported that he will make the announcement to MPs at 1430 BST – but the report has not been confirmed.”

More soon.

8 Responses to “Speaker Martin “understood” to be stepping down”

  1. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Yet again I ask how is this going to seriously change anything?

  2. Andy H Says:

    Jumped before he was pushed.

  3. Julian Harris Says:

    It won’t, but it nicely chips away at the self-serving politico establishment. Slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that.

  4. Charlotte Gore Says:

    The alternative to him resigning is watching Brown getting hammered for the next few weeks for not allowing the debate. Pity really.

  5. Psi Says:

    Now Clegg needs to call for the next speaker to release all the FOI details immediately. Then he needs to call for a general election a few months after the release so that the voters can judge (but will the full facts not the telegraph’s edited version).

    I notice Cameron wants a general election but not with the full release on info, just the telegraph as our educator.

  6. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Douglas ‘You paid to clean for my moat you serfs’ Hogg has announced he’s stepping down at the next election

  7. Julian Harris Says:

    Of all the KleptoMPs who have been outed over the last fortnight, Hogg is the one I’m almost prepared to defend. Is the comedy value of “Old Toryboy MP gets moat cleaned” not sufficient to cover the monetary cost through our taxes? As the Daily Mash said, at least the Tories were stealing in style.

  8. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Nah I reckon Ming Campbell & £10 grand on cushions was better then Hogg & his moat

    I hear Ming is one of the favourites to take over as Speaker