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Liberal Vision Week 1 Round Up

May 18th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

Goodness gracious cripes almighty!

What a blast of a week we had at Liberal Vision. Forsooth it’s left me gasping for oxygen, auricles a-fluttering—and that was just the pictorial revelation of Andrew George MP’s daughter.

But yes – more than three thousand of you little wonders have clicked on this here new blog, with comment sections buzzing like our over-worked server. We send the most profuse thanks for that, and are forever indebted to your good selves.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve all been nattering about:

  • “Clegg must demand ‘Speaker Martin Out!’” insisted Mark Littlewood, for at least 48 hours running. Finally, today, the Cleggmeister’s done just that, live on TV. Hurrah!
  • This also followed Angela Harbutt’s earlier calls for “Clean Up” Clegg to make a stand. Go on Nick, get at ‘em.
  • “But don’t forget J.S. Mill” reminded Ed Joyce, drawing attention to the 150 year anniversary of On Liberty.
  • Back to today’s issues, Angela stated: “We are now living in a tin-pot police state; bankrupt, corrupt, and with a deluded mad man at the top clinging onto power.” Quite right. But there is hope…
  • … “Labour collapse in polls!” reported a gleeful Mark. Is this the end for the sinister reds? Fingers crossed and touching wood, what?
  • And finally, Mark again asked: “The Federal Executive – what’s the point?

Meanwhile I’ve been discussing beer, sex, Obama’s boxer shorts and seven reasons why I’m not a conservative (if you hadn’t guessed). Oh, and I also managed to annoy a trade unionist. Woops.

Uch, how could we forget? Money, money, money – yes, Sara Scarlett and I brought you news of

£2,850 up for grabs in blogger prize money

I say! Wouldn’t have happened in my day, old bean.

In return I beseech thee to help, help our poor selves, by doing one, two or maybe even three of the following:

  1. Tell your friends: why not sign up your friends, or send an e-mail telling all the darlings about this simply wonderful new blog? Go on, it’ll take but a minute.
  1. Follow on Twitter and Facebook: we are @LiberalVision on Twitter, and there is a “group” Liberal Vision on Facebook. What the bally hell does this mean? No idea. But if you know, then get involved.
  1. Add Links: we’ve added a lot of new links to other blogs on our site. Please reciprocate by adding a link to Liberal Vision wherever you can.

Of course if you’d like to be even more involved, then get in touch. We offer no money but endless amounts of love, attention and that warm feeling inside of knowing that you’re brilliant.

End of missive.

3 Responses to “Liberal Vision Week 1 Round Up”

  1. Mark Reckons Says:

    I’ll be happy to link to you. Would you be able to reciprocate?

  2. Julian Harris Says:

    Certainly Sir, consider it done.

  3. Mark Reckons Says:

    Thanks. I have put you in my Reading List too!