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Breaking News: Cameron calls for General Election – NOW

May 18th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

At the Conservative launch of the European Election Campaign still ongoing, David Cameron called for a General ElectionNOW.  He said this was the only way to solve the current crisis. He went on to say that some Conservative MPs will be punished for their actions. But Cameron says having thought long and hard about it he concluded that Conservative politicians are answerable to their local voters and that each must deal with their own circumstances locally. He even reminded local Constituency parties the means by which they can trigger a re-selection process.

He went a step further, declaring that he is turning this Euro campaign into a campaign for a general election. And he will ask his members across the country to engage all voters in signing a petition demanding a general election to be called immediately after the European Elections.

6 Responses to “Breaking News: Cameron calls for General Election – NOW”

  1. Julian Harris Says:

    having thought long and hard about it he concluded that Conservative politicians are answerable to their local voters and that each must deal with their own circumstances locally.

    How very kind of him – nothing to do with his party’s 20-odd point lead in the polls, then.

  2. Angela Harbutt Says:

    His political judgement is pretty awesome…. I bet you a quid (the standard betting amount on this site I understand) that millions will sign a petition for a general election…….

  3. Julian Harris Says:

    That one asking Gordo to step down is effectively already a call for a GE, isn’t it? Not sure how many signitures it’s got up to; last time I heard it was around 50,000.

  4. JohnBM Says:

    I will also bet you a quid that those who sign his petition will end up on the Tory Central database and will be bombarded with propaganda until an election is called.

  5. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Hmmm but public patience is running out by the minute (and the Speaker debacle will only have made another tranche of voters cry “ENOUGH ALREADY”). This is not a petition against one man – or one party – but a protest against the whole damn lot… We have a frustrated electorate that in most constituencies have endured years of sitting in a safeseat where their vote counts for nought.. And with the full Tory party machinery grabbing signatures at every school gate, shopping arcade and market stall, demanding a simple right for people to make their own feelings known at the ballot box I think this is a wholly different proposition.

    My money is on a huge number of signatures calling for a General Election

    Now…It certainly would not be fair until all MPs circumstances have been lain bare… and not sure what the party finances are to afford such a thing… nor do i understand how that might work…

    But it is political genius…

  6. Angela Harbutt Says:

    And lets not forget that this is a marvelous way of diverting attention away from the tricky issue of Europe within his own party…. smart..