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Are the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive Commmittee a total joke – or not?

May 16th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics, Uncategorized by

The LibDems’ Federal Exec meets on Monday May 18th.

 Within the assiduously democratic constitution of the party, the Federal Exec are actually empowered to do something.

 I have long since lost track of who is on this committee.

And I can’t remember them ever doing anything – or deciding anything – of significant public impact previously.

On Monday, I hope to God this changes.

Ros Scott – our newly elected President, with a crushing majority, and an unimpeachable public record and CV – is one of very few politicians that you should be able to trust to “tell it like it is”.

 That’s why I’m very concerned that she is only really predicting that there will be a “full and frank exchange of views” on Monday.

I have just had such an exchange of views, with a few mates, down the pub tonight. And very pleasurable it was too.

 But – Federal Exec members – you’re supposed to be the people running the party.

So, I expect to hear on Monday evening who you are sacking and who you aren’t. Who you are investigating and who you are supporting 100%.

I’m guessing – and hoping – TV cameras and journalists will be gathered outside 4 Cowley Street from mid-afternoon.

 They will be there to canvass opinions of FE members on the way in, and to hear Ros Scott’s statement of your decisions at the conclusion of your meeting.

 If you merely have a nice evening “exchanging full and frank” views, then I hope you enjoy it

 But the committee on which you serve will then continue to be ignored, ridiculed and (by those who can be bothered) laughed at.

 And rightly so.

10 Responses to “Are the Liberal Democrat Federal Executive Commmittee a total joke – or not?”

  1. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Mark your not one to take criticism well however I feel one needs to be blunt for the sake of liberty.

    Nobody gives a crap about the Lib Dems other then Lib Dem members

    Even if you manage to change the Lib Dems into a more liberty orientated vehicle it would have been a fruitless effort because by the time you’ve done that liberty in this country will be taking its last breathe if not dead.

    Your attachment to the Lib Dems might in fact hamper you especially with libertarians who you could gain support from. Personally I don’t want be associated with people who believe in curbing free speech & denying me adequate means to defend myself as well as fondness for Keynesian economics. I suspect libertarians would have similar misgivings when it comes to the Lib Dems.

    I’m not saying that attempting to change the Lib Dems is hopeless & I’m trying to question whether its important to be trying to change things in the country especially as we are running out of time.

  2. Mark Littlewood Says:

    I reckon I take criticism pretty well, all in all.

    In terms of “giving a crap”, The Daily Telegraph and broadcast media (both public and private) have devoted millions of pounds worth of coverage to the LibDems this week.

    I’m unaware of – say – the UK Libertarian Party exciting similar (or indeed any) interest.

    I think it’s pretty important, all in all, what the LibDems do. And I’d like to see the party do it better.

    This website is based on the assertion that classical liberals should care about the LibDems and support the party.

    I’m sorry if you find that tedious or boring. You don’t have to read this blog. Or comment on it. 99.9% of the human race certainly do neither.

    However, the great news is that early indications are that we’re getting one hell of a lot of visitors to this site. Certainly many more than I dreamt possible – and all of this in our first week of operation.

    Hopefully, Liberal Vision will be able to build on that and grow from it.

  3. Jenny D Says:

    For info, as I understand it ordinary members of the Party can attend the Federal Executive with permission of the Chair. I’m fairly sure they don’t have speaking rights but nonetheless for anyone concerned about seeing how things happen, this might be an option.

  4. Bishop Hill Says:

    Whether the LibDems are the best vehicle for advancing liberalism in the UK or not is a moot point, but there is certainly no harm in trying to shift the political narrative away from authoritarianism in all parties.

  5. Joe Otten Says:

    I haven’t read the party constitution in order to avoid becoming a total wonk monster. But surely the federal exec isn’t responsible for MPs. Errant MPs should be the responsibility of the leadership, local parties and constituents, and not obscure party machinery.

  6. Costigan Quist Says:

    I hope to God the FE doesn’t even dream of announcing who is or isn’t being sacked on Monday, even if they had the power to do it. There’s such a thing as fairness and due process, of giving the accused a right to mount a defence (and sufficient time to do it).

    To turn the FE into a kangaroo court would be unconstitutional and unjust.

    Ziggy – do give me a shout when the libertarian party reaches 20% in the polls. Actually, let me know when they get to 1%. When that happens, feel free to pop back and lecture us all on how irrelevant the Lib Dems are :-)

  7. Ziggy Encaoua Says:


    I’m glad to hear that this site is getting plenty of visitors

    But hey back in the summer of 2007 Ron Paul’s official site was one of the top 20 most visited websites but that didn’t translate into very much in the real world.

    I did give Liberal Vision a mention on a US radio show which also happens to be the most downloaded libertarian podcast

    I don’t find this site tedious or boring but I’m questioning whether you’re adopting a worthwhile strategy especially when considering the cause of liberty.

    It’s not only the perception of libertarians but the perception of the general public that the Lib Dems is a left of centre party. In fact for as long as I can remember the Lib Dems have been seen as of the left. Sure you might change party policy & ethos to something more kin to classic liberalism. But then how long is going to take to change the electorate’s perception of the Lib Dems. More importantly would the electorate buy into what you’re flogging? Contemporarily the concept of liberty is dying amongst the electorate.

    If there’s an illustration of what I’m saying we both know the BNP are going to get a ton of votes next month.

    See the film Idiocracy we are heading there fast.

    The reason the Lib Dems got a ton of coverage by the corporatist media in the past week is because politicians in general have been getting a tons of coverage for getting caught with their fingers in the till….another reason the BNP will get votes. Most people I know don’t care what colour any politician because they believe they are all as bad as each another.

    Oh no I just realised I’m telling middle class ivory tower dwelling liberals what the underclass thinks & I know liberals don’t want to know about such thoughts just as they don’t want to know you if you aren’t middle class enough.

    Yeah how dare I offer an opinion after all I wasn’t Oxbridge educated I’m only some oik who cares passionately about liberty.

    Well at least I’ve the balls to say what needs to be said for liberty. I’m not going to pussy out advocating the right to spliff up, own a gun & free speech…by the way why has nobody here written about Michael Savage?

    If ever you do get positive coverage of Liberal Vision in the corporatist media is because your not seen as a threat; in other words what your selling is pretty timid. Its only when you’re seen as a threat you’ll know you’re getting somewhere.

    Eddie told me last week that if ID cards become compulsory he’d not protest; well with that attitude your already defeated & in fact I’d start questioning how committed you all are to the cause of liberty. If you are committed to the cause of liberty its going to take more then putting motions to conference & casting a few votes.

    Libertarians over in New Hampshire have realised that why can’t you all?

  8. Angela Harbutt Says:

    Did you notice that Ros Scott posted update this morning on her blog. She says that “Any decisions we make not only have to reflect feeling within the Party, but address the anger felt by the public, those who aren’t engaged in politics and those who are”.

  9. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    But do the public really care about what Ros Scott might happen to say?

    I’ve never known any Lib Dem to care about what I think

    I wrote this conclusion a few months back

  10. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    @Costigan Quist

    I ain’t a member of the UkLP