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Speccie Dares Clegg to Push Speaker

May 15th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

Should ‘Clean Up’ Clegg defy convention and get himself thrown out of the Chamber by calling on the Speaker of the House to go? James Forsyth at the Spectator seems to think so. Could this be an opportunity for “Clean Up Clegg”? If it’s such an obvious win, why isn’t Cameron being encouraged to do this?


13 Responses to “Speccie Dares Clegg to Push Speaker”

  1. Mark Reckons Says:

    I think that most mainstream politicians are very afraid of breaking ancient conventions for fear of what might come next and moving into unchartered territory.

    The thing is, many of these conventions are so outdated and outmoded that they just need someone with enough clout to stand up and say the Emperor has no clothes and down the walls will tumble down (to mix a couple of metaphors). Martin has to go. He is discredited and is largely to blame for not having seen this coming and sorting the mess out in time.

    I think this could be Nick Clegg’s finest hour if he goes for it.

  2. Joe Otten Says:

    The Speaker should really be property of the back benches. The best removal campaign would be cross party and back bench.

    The spectator probably sees Clegg as expendable.

  3. Alix Says:

    More charitably, they’d rather have him in opposition to Cameron than Labour, and reckon he’s got nothing to lose at this pointt – they’re probably right.

    But you can’t restore an ancient wossname once you’ve smashed it. You’ve opened the way for someone else with less pure motives to smash it again. I merely point this out…

  4. Wayne Lawrence Says:

    “But you can’t restore an ancient wossname once you’ve smashed it.”

    Mick has already put a bit of a dent in it by refusing to wear the silly wig.

    But let’s analyse the reason for the convention, it the convention for the sake of it, or is there some compelling reason?

  5. Darrell Says:

    …Because Clegg doesnt want to look like a naughty child kicking the cat in its frustration at getting caught? Honestly, the notion seems to be abroad in Westminster that if you topple the Speaker everything is ok again….this is pure Westminster bubble and I dont think people outside of the politically interested give two hoots if they do get rid of the Speaker or not…

  6. Darrell Says:

    Incidentally, the other bonus for MPs in doing this is that it knocks expenses off the news agenda for a few days…..yes hes incompentant and not done his job but he shouldnt go like this….

  7. Mark Littlewood Says:

    I’v heard – even from some of the party’s top apparatachiks – the need for constitutionality and good behaviour.

    Sod that.

    This really isn’t a time to be in the mainstream.

    If there is anything we can do to redefine ourselves as a radical, reforming party, rather than a bunch of 63 MPs who -by and large – abide by the rules of the ‘club’, then do it.


  8. Darrell Says:


    While normally I might agree with you I just think this is sooooo the wrong issue to make that stand on. Id be surprised if anything over a tiny percentile of people could name the Speaker and even less will care what happens to him. This is definatly to my mind one of those issues vision is clouded somewhat by being involved in politics in some way because you assume the populace is just as involved as much as you do.

    They dont and never will and focusing our energies in this direction – waste of time in my eyes.

  9. Darrell Says:

    *and care as much as you do

  10. Darrell Says:

    Just as an addendum I defy anybody to provide me with examples of mass popular outrage or outpourings against the Speaker. I rather suspect none exist, this is a giant diversionary Kamikaze run and if i was Clegg I would steer well clear; the very real risk that it will backfire and we will look more out of touch, that while the country is demanding action on expenses we are twiddling our thumbs over who runs our club not addressing the core of the issue is there….

  11. Darrell Says:

    And finally, to answer Charlottes question, this is exactly why Fraser Nelson wants Clegg to do this; Cameron is out there leading on this issue while Clegg, in Nelsons mind, does Camerons dirty work in the HOC….Nick, dont for the love of everything hold DONT DO IT lol….

  12. Angela Harbutt Says:

    I bet Cameron calls for the Speaker to go at the VERY MOMENT it is certain (to Cameron) that the Speaker IS going. His sense of political timing seems pretty hot.

    More widely I just dont understand why Cameron is being allowed to otherwise run the whole show on this issue.

  13. Mark Reckons Says:

    Blimey. Clegg has only gone and bloody done it!

    Perhaps this blog has readers in high places!