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Christmas comes early..

May 14th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by


Ten Two Lords a leaping methinks as a couple of Labour peers –  Truscott and Taylor (sounding delightfully like a dodgy legal firm) face suspension from Parliament for six months after being found guilty of misconduct following the Sunday Times expose on cash for amendments.

Am I the only one to wonder however, why the fate of these two Lords rests with the House of Lords itself (which votes on whether to exclude them next week) ? Surely this is elitist self interested nonsense?

I can see that there may have been a view (once) that no one else in the land was capable of judging the Lords – other than the Lords themselves – but that time has long since gone.

Of course – the Lords have done a great job in recent times to kick back to the Commons some of the most outrageous pieces of legislation that should never have reached there in the first place.

And of course we all expect that they will collectively make the right decision on the two Lords concerned…

But we surely cant continue to operate with self-policing in either House?

So while I hope that Nick Clegg demands the removal of the Speaker of the House, and reform of the House of Commons, and a change to the entire voting system of this country, let’s not overlook the House of Lords in this overhaul.

One Response to “Christmas comes early..”

  1. Simon Says:

    It doesn’t really matter who they are, Lords, Mp’s, the whole political establishment has been hammering us for years with extortionate taxes and laws that erode our civil liberties and restrict our freedoms while they live the high life at our expense. The system that they have developed is so rotten that it cannot stand scrutiny. It must fall.