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Mark Littlewood, plastic bags, and £850 up for grabs

May 13th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by


Gosh, where to start?

By plugging ourselves, methinks: this afternoon around 4.10pm Mark Littlewood will appear on Radio 5 Live discussing how the Lib Dems have fared during the expenses revelations. Yesterday Liberal Vision was mentioned in a article that reckons us Lib Dems are doing pretty well, at the expense of the Tories and NuLabs (even if that was before Andrew George’s sumptuous daughter appeared on the front of the Torygraph – no doubt provoking the same reaction from retired Colonels at Surrey breakfast tables as from a jaded Julian H on the Jubilee Line).

In other news, the wonderfully-named Alexi Mostrous of The Times reports that plastic bags really aren’t that bad. Or bad at all. Personally I think they’re pretty good, even for carrying food. Once upon a time Tristan Mills questioned “So why are plastic bags bad?” and got very little in the form of, ahem, substantial response.

And finally…

The Adam Smith Institute is offering £850 in prize money to the winners of a competition in which kids say dat freedom is properly frettend by Labar, lk oh my dayz clk n da lnk:

It would be tragic, tragic I say, if Young Britons or ConsFutures, or whatever they call themselves, were the only ones to enter this.


5 Responses to “Mark Littlewood, plastic bags, and £850 up for grabs”

  1. Angela Harbutt Says:

    I thought for one horrible moment Mark had been exposed for some heinous expenses fraud concerning claims on £850 worth of plastic bags (now that is a lot of plastic bags!). That would be strange as I dont think I have ever seen him in a supermarket or indeed with a carrier bag (other than in Duty Free).

  2. Julian Harris Says:

    Funny, I always envisaged him strolling through Waitrose on a Sunday afternoon with a basket full of artichoke hearts and tofu.

  3. Alix Says:

    He should demand that the Telegraph apologises for their smears on Andrew George and Alan Reid. That just took the piss.

  4. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    It doesn’t matter Lib Dem, Labour or Tory MPs are MPs & they’ve all got noses in the troff & will always attempt to do so.

  5. David Hodge Says:

    Alix. No it was Andrew George who took the piss.He claims more on his bolt-hole in interest payments than my daughter earn a month. He did not even look guilty on T.V. But my family have the power as we live in the St. Ives area. Andrew George a dead man walking. Good by.