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Liberal Vision, Liberal Vision, New Blog, New Blog. (T&C)

May 12th, 2009 Posted in Uncategorized by

Hullo there you excitable young crumbs!

Welcome to our new blog. Is it not lovely?

Yes, it is.

Now listen here. We have a policy on this blog. A blog policy. This is how it goes:

The Liberal Vision blog exists to stimulate debate. We therefore invite everyone to post comments, and have a liberal policy of allowing these to go up unmonitored and unconditionally. However, we ask you to keep to a spirit of mutual respect and, in times of disagreement, to try playing the ball, rather than the man (or woman). We do not wish to remove any comments, but will have to do so if they are libellous, promote human suffering, seem to be ‘spam’, or are needlessly personal attacks.

Right ho, now with the boring bit over – let the fun and games begin…

19 Responses to “Liberal Vision, Liberal Vision, New Blog, New Blog. (T&C)”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Liberal Vision, Liberal Vision, New Blog, New Blog

    Repeating yourselves already?


    * adds to the watch list with some interest *

  2. Finbar Taggit Says:

    This doesn’t work in Firefox

  3. Jennie Says:

    Worked for me, and I’m using Firefox. Would be nice to be able to subscribe to comments, though.

    * bitch bitch moan moan whinge whinge *

  4. Finbar Taggit Says:

    Its all very simple. Get HMRC to treat all the expenses as benefits in kind, force the MPs to hand back all profits accrued and charge them CGT for the inconvenience. Name and Shame all involved and publish their tax returns on line. Next we all vote UKIP.

  5. Finbar Taggit Says:

    Without being a tester for this site, in Firefox (3.0.10) on Windows XP the text and the input boxes do not line up and so I keep typing my email in the wrong box. Take a look. The CSS needs a hack or too. Nobody uses IE …

  6. Charlotte Gore Says:

    You’re right. Perils of building the site while you’re logged into it, I’m afraid. Thanks, will get that sorted.

  7. Sarah Says:

    This expenses mess is getting beyond a joke now, my local MP claimed £142,000 for his *house*. Isn’t that why they get a wage, for cryng out loud?

    *Bookmarks site* Definately what the party needs.

  8. Charlotte Gore Says:

    Jennie we’ll be turning on ‘subscribe to comments’ when the initial burst of traffic from Guido’s gone down a bit. :)

  9. Neil Craig Says:

    Does that mean that if I say it is wrong of the LibDems to decide that being opposed to racial genocide is a reason for expulsion I won’t get censored?

    How about if I mention that the party should apologise for its role in war crimes, massacres (210 murdered in cold blood outside Britain’s HQ in Kosovo), genocide, ethnic cleansing, child sexual slavery & the dissection, while still alive, od 1,300 Serbs?

    How about if I say these were crimes & the MPs involved in perpetrating things that make Fred West look moderately decent can never be supported by decent people & should be brought to trial?

  10. Julian Harris Says:

    Think we’ll let that go for now, Neil (!)

    Jennie, I’ve decided that my gingery head should be hung in shame for not including your blog in the links. Very soon it shall be done.

  11. Tez Burke Says:

    Works fine in FF here (Mac OS X 10.4.11, for what it’s worth), and if anything it loads rather faster than LDV.

    I shall be monitoring this blog with anticipation. Best of luck!

  12. adam Says:

    Looks like you guys are trying to co-opt the growing internet clamour for more freedom and liberty and down with corrupt government elitists.
    It is a shame that you support the totalitarian anti democratic EU and UN, and support high progressive income taxes (to name just a few), it undermines your legitimacy to be a party of liberty.

  13. Neil Berry Says:

    You will be delighted to learn this works in Google Chrome

  14. Julian H Says:

    Hmm, Adam, aren’t we the only party offering to reduce income tax for low earners?

  15. David Hodge Says:

    I am waiting to see my M P Andrew George of St.Ives expenses to see if he has been a naughty boy.

  16. Andrew Says:

    Ah, so this is where my £20 membership went all those months ago. Glad to know it didn’t all go straight into Shane Frith’s pocket.

  17. Sailor Says:

    Welcome and may I say I shall follow the site with interest. We really need a clean out of the stables at Westminster and hopefully the EU & Local Elections will send a very strong message. Will they pay attention though?

  18. Neil Craig Says:

    Thank you Julian for confirming that you will “let it go for now” if somebody tells the truth :-) Says it all.

  19. Ziggy Encaoua Says:

    Liberal Vision will do no good as liberty is dead in this country & the Lib Dems aren’t going to revive it plus I’m not sure the majority of grass root members want to really revive it.

    This country is heading towards a police state its probably past the point of no return what I suggest to any libertarian or liberty lover able enough is sign up to Free State Project & head to new Hampshire because at least libertarians there are getting proactive & are prepared to truly attempt to take a stand for liberty.

    If you want liberty then balls are required something Mark Littlewood & Liberal Vision don’t have.