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He did it with the Gurkhas..Can Nick do it with expenses row?

May 9th, 2009 Posted in UK Politics by

The Telegraph revelations this weekend have proven once and for all, as if we did not already know it, that something is systemically broken with the current MP allowances system.

It’s time now for a real clean up. No more sweeping it all under the carpet. Rather than wasting any time and effort on finding out who leaked the document – a smokescreen if ever there was one -any official time should be spent prosecuting those guilty of fraud.

This is the only way we restore some faith in British politics. And why should those MPs and Lords who have behaved morally, be tarred with the same brush? I trust that we will see several MPs forced to stand down and by-elections shortly thereafter. Lords should similarly be removed.

Whilst we all sit around waiting for the system to drag its heels towards some half-cocked resolution, I hope that Nick Clegg has the foresight , as he did with the Gurkhas, to see where public opinion lies – and act quickly. The most obvious step is to take positive and immediate action concerning the Party he leads.

A public demand made now that any Lib Dem Lord or MP who, on reflection, feels that their claims were inappropriate will have, say, a fortnight to step-up and repay the money. After that, anyone found to have creamed off the top will be expelled from the Party with immediate effect. The over-used excuse of “it was cleared by the Fees Office” will not wash. If you don’t have the ability to see it is wrong, then you have no place in our Party. It’s not all he should do on this matter but this would be a start.

2 Responses to “He did it with the Gurkhas..Can Nick do it with expenses row?”

  1. Mark Littlewood Says:

    Today’s News of the World contains a report on Chris Rennard’s expenses claims, claiming these breach the rules (although Chris appears to deny this).

    The full story is here, under the James Gray revelations:

  2. Mark Littlewood Says:

    Thinking about it, perhaps we could wrap up the Gurkhas and expenses issue in one package. For each Gurkha allowed to resettle in the UK, we will despatch a crooked Parliamentarian to spend their remaining days in Nepal.