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ASA prevents collapse of Western civilisation (again)

By Mark Littlewood
April 15th, 2009 at 5:35 pm | Comments Off on ASA prevents collapse of Western civilisation (again) | Posted in Economics

Thank God for the Advertising Standards Authority. It’s hard to imagine that Western civilisation would survive without it.

Their latest attempt to save us from ourselves is to ban this advert:


Apparently, the advert breaks guidelines by suggesting that the alcoholic product advertised would give the bloke the necessary confidence to suggest his girlfriend returns her ill-fitting dress to whence it came.

What total tosh.

He’s going to need a lot more than a pint of piss-weak bitter before he finds the guts to say “Your arse looks huge in that, darling”.

At a guess, I’d have thought the average man would need to knock back at least three full bottles of methylated spirits before daring to articulate such thoughts.

The ASA is funded by the advertising industry, of course, not by the government. But just like many other industries, the state’s threat of “voluntarily regulate or we’ll come in and forcibly regulate” is forever ringing in their ears.

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Time gentlemen please

By Angela Harbutt
April 14th, 2009 at 11:26 pm | 3 Comments | Posted in UK Politics

Today’s barmy Government announcement (presumably to detract from the Smeargate debacle) is to conduct a review into the idea that alcoholics have their benefits docked if they do not get treatment.


The Welfare Reform Bill (currently going through Parliament) already contains the option to withhold benefits from alcoholics. So er…what is new?

And if they DO decide to go down the route of withholding benefits from alcoholics the most likely outcome is that alcoholics simply cease to confide in their GP about their alcohol problem. That will help how?.

..And if they are stupid enough to confide in their doctor and risk benefits cuts as a consequence, there are not enough clinics to treat alcohol as things stand now, let alone take on any more.

If that is the best idea the Special Advisers can come up with to try to knock Mr McBride and co. off the headlines – we should call Time Gentlemen Please on the lot of them.

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Revealed: the Smeargate winners

By Mark Littlewood
April 14th, 2009 at 5:36 am | Comments Off on Revealed: the Smeargate winners | Posted in UK Politics


The truly excellent prides itself on an objective, non-partisan analysis of electoral politics.  But they have a slightly odd photo attached to their discussion thread about who will benefit from Smeargate.

Under his headline: “Is this the real winner from Smeargate?”, PB’s editor Mike Smithson attaches the above striking image. 

Is the question whether the winners from the present political chaos will be the faceless military industrial establishment, with a public school boy meekly occupying the backseat?

Let’s hope the answer isn’t “yes”.

Not this time.

Hat-tip: Archibald Schwarz, comment #278

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Gordon Brown’s “in crowd”

By Angela Harbutt
April 13th, 2009 at 7:42 pm | Comments Off on Gordon Brown’s “in crowd” | Posted in UK Politics


Why am I so unsettled by the current “smeargate” story engulfing Gordon Brown?

I think it’s because my mother’s much-used phrase “You can judge a man’s character by the company he keeps” is ringing in my ears. I am not sure who originally coined the phrase but if we apply this to Gordon Brown , then this is a man with some very serious character flaws. I don’t just mean a dodgy side to an otherwise decent fellow – I mean a deep psychological schism – a lock him up – send in the men in white coats – mark him unsafe to be released back into the community – type of character.

Just take a look at his “in crowd” – the people he trusts, rates, relies upon. (Oh and the “in” refers to infamous, indecent, and incapable (apply as appropriate)).

Damian McBride, Charlie Whelan, Derek Draper ,Peter Mandelson , Ed Balls +Yvette Cooper , Tony McNulty, Alistair Darling , Jacqui Smith, Caroline Flint, Derek Wanless…(I could go on..)

They have variously been sacked but reinstated, cocked up but been promoted or rewarded, had their snouts in the trough but had their gorging defended by Downing Street.

I remember reading a profile on Gordon Brown in The Times back in 2006. He told a story about himself I found somewhat worrying as I read it. It went something like this….”Gordon Brown was quite young when “this guy comes to the door of the manse”. Gordon’s parents have popped out, but he’s well schooled: to a parishioner in need you offer help. He’s seen it again and again – his father, the Rev John Brown, dispensing food, money and advice to the poor. The morality is in his blood. He hears it from the pulpit twice a day on Sunday. “So as my parents taught me, I say, what do you want – help yourself! And when they come back, the town’s most notorious burglar is sitting in the kitchen…

So here we are 50 years on and he’s STILL inviting thieves and ne’er do wells to come join him at the kitchen table. That can’t just be naivety. This man is seriously ill. Somebody help him please.

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Internet porn – New Labour fails again

By Mark Littlewood
April 13th, 2009 at 7:39 pm | 1 Comment | Posted in UK Politics

In keeping up to speed on the hilarious downfall of Damian McBride and Derek Draper. I happened upon the latter’s blog.

Aside from the prescient image of Mr Draper needing the support of a life belt (Dolly, they don’t actually work if the entire mainstream media is applying several mega-tonnes of force on your head to keep your mouth under water), what I found deeply titillating was the blog’s proud boast that this is where Dolly posts stuff that “isn’t suitable for” .

I’ve been hitting refresh every few seconds for the last few days.  My mouse is now broken and my index finger is worn to the bone. And I’ve yet to see any pictures of Shadow Cabinet members in  stockings and suspenders.

Yet another broken promise from New Labour.

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